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Syncplay synchronises video playback across multiple instances of VLC so that a group of people who all have the same videos can watch them together. Pausing, unpausing and jumping position within a media player is all synchronized, giving everyone connected to the same virtual room a shared viewing experience.

To use Syncplay with VLC, users need the Syncplay interface module for VLC. The interface allows Syncplay to query VLC as to what video the user is playing and their position, as well as whether the video or not the video is paused. Furthermore, it allows Syncplay to play, pause and seek within the video, load a new video, and display messages on the OSD.

Version 0.2.6 of the interface should be installed by default when you install Syncplay 1.3.0, but if it is not then you can install it manually. Place the syncplay.lua file in the main (all user) VLC /lua/intf/ sub-directory (or the single user directories). By default the main directories are:
* Window: %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\intf\
* Linux: /usr/lib/vlc/lua/intf/
* Mac OS X: /Applications/

You will need to use Syncplay 1.3.0 for proper VLC support. Syncplay is available from:

Compatible with VLC 2.2.1+


1 year ago

syncplay.lua 0.2.6
* Added ability to check VLC version

syncplay.lua 0.2.2
* Added support VLC 3

syncplay.lua 0.2.1
* Close properly from VLC

syncplay.lua 0.2.0
* Reduced VLC CPU use (DerGenaue's code, adapted)
* Fix VLC title bug

syncplay.lua 0.1.9
* Improved DVD sync support

syncplay.lua 0.1.8
* Initial DVD sync support

Syncplay 1.2.7 / syncplay.lua 0.1.7
* Much improved VLC support

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