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Cultures around the world carry tales of vampires, but not all fit the Dracula stereotype: an old count preying on young women. While that is terrible, it’s nothing in comparison to Lilith, the queen and mother of these creatures of the dark. A combination of disturbing monster and ultimate seductress, she sucked the blood of men and caused disease, miscarriages, sterility, erotic dreams and nightmares. She was also the first vampire.
Though tales vary slightly, the most common account of Lilith’s life comes from Jewish folklore and the medieval tale The Alphabet of Ben Sira. The basic story goes like this: Lilith was Adam’s first wife, made at the same time and of the same dust as Adam. Because she saw herself on equal terms with Adam, she refused to take the submissive sexual position and cursed him when he refused to see her as an equal. So, she ran away to the Red Sea and began sleeping with demons and having 100 children a day.
To bring her back to Eden, God sent three angels with a message that he would kill her demon children if she didn’t return to Adam. Lilith chose option B: she cursed the angels and was banned from Paradise forever.

A well built textured wallpaper to compliment those who enjoy color schemes.

There are two sizes available in the download, (3840 X 2160) (1920 X 1080).

Built on Antergos Gnome 3.20 with Gimp 2.8

As always thank you for viewing and downloading.
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