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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1157516/

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Dark translucent version of my QTStep Plasma theme. It's basically color-theme aware, but comes with it's own color scheme, so if you want it to use system colors, delete the 'colors' file in the theme folder. I included the 'source' version of the theme, in case you want to tinker with it, it contains scripts to generate color-scheme-aware and translucent versions of everything.
Last changelog:

0.8 3 years ago

-updated border and highlight shades

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0.8 3 years ago

-updated border and highlight shades

0.5 3 years ago

-moved to plasma5 as target, no more plasma4 version
-added/removed/updated several widgets because they are rendered differently in plasma 5 from plasma 4
-updated border shades to match QTStep QtCurve theme

0.4 4 years ago

-added: toolbox, icontask indicators, actionbuttons, action overlays
-reworked: check and radio glyphs, slider handle, scrollbars, calendar (plasma4), viewitem
-used hardcoded base color in light version of the clock (plasma5 doesn't seem to support ColorScheme-ViewBackground anymore)
-updated shades along with the matching QtCurve theme
-made dark translucent theme more opaque

0.3.1 4 years ago

-fixed a bug that would cause the labels in the clock to be offset horizontally by the amount of indentation in the xml structure of the svg file, but only in plasma5 :-/

0.3 4 years ago

-adjusted all shades, made a version for darker themes with weaker shades
-cleaned up unused defs from SVG files, the theme is now half the size
-updated color schemes
-made a new clock

0.2 4 years ago

-made separator lines plain instead of sunken
-added theme for icontasks separator
-added newer icons from plasma 5 in plasma 4 version
-removed icons from plasma 5 version, as they will be used from the default theme anyway
-fixed a small transparency issue with the analog clock hands
-added example lines for changing various shades in the make_theme scripts
-changed highlight color to red in dark translucent theme for plasma 4
-increased opacity of translucent themes a bit

product-maker SaHtet May 18 2017 9 excellent
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Plasma Themes

Plasma Themes are for the main elements of the DE, like Panel, Menu, etc.

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