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This plugin reads the tags "Title", "Artist" and "Album" of the currently played music, and writes into 4 text files ( np_album.txt | np_artist.txt | np_artist_title.txt | np_title.txt )
Note: if no "Title" as found, the file name is used.

Can be used together with any software that can read input from a text file, such as streaming software (OBS, OBS Studio...).

np_album.txt = Contains just the Album.
np_artist.txt = Contains just the Artist.
np_title.txt = Contains just the Title.
np_artist_title.txt = Contains the name of Artist and the Title in one line.

If you have other ideas for outputs TXT's, do not hesitate to proposed.

The TXT's files will be saved in the VLC user director which can be found in the following places
Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/
Windows: %APPDATA%vlc
Mac OS X: /Users/%your_name%/Library/Application Support/org.videolan.vlc/

Installation Instructions

Place this file in the corresponding folder and restart VLC or reload plugin extensions.

Current User: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/
All Users: /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/

Current User: %APPDATA%vlcluaextensions
All Users: %ProgramFiles%VideoLANVLCluaextensions

Mac OS X:
Current User: /Users/%your_name%/Library/Application Support/org.videolan.vlc/lua/extensions/
All Users: /Applications/


1.3 - Clear TXT's if no track 12 days ago

*The TXT's are cleared if no track is played or found (Stop or end of playlist, but Pause keep the files).

1.2 - "Artist - Title" feature 12 days ago

*Add "np_artist_title.txt" containing the Artiste name and the Title in one line. *Code optimization.

1.1 - Fontion "Clear files" 12 days ago

*Add a fontion "Clear files", when you disable the plugin or left VLC, the TXT's files are cleared. *Add a msg's for debug.

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