KDE 2 widget theme recreated using default QtCurve gradients

QtCurve kde

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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This was my attempt at replicating KDE 2.x's default widget theme in QtCurve (version 1.6.2 for TQt, to be more specific), but using only textures and gradients provided in that version, as I didn't have the mood to do my own gradients. I did, however, decide to with a more modern (but not too modern) progress bar.

Preview image info:
Visible applications (photo 2):
TQt - Trinity R14.x "about" dialogue, desktop, panel, and "Style" settings module, as well as Trinity versions of Dolphin and Konsole
Qt 5 (theme enforced using Qt5ct) - KDE Applications 16.08.3 versions of Kate and Gwenview, as well as KDE 5.x "about" dialogue
GTK+ 2.x - Grsync and its "about" dialogue

Desktop background: Vertical gradient from #000000 to #585858
Trinity colour scheme: My custom "KDE 1.x Somewhat Desaturated" colour scheme ( https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1214232/ )
Icon theme: TDE-Classic (included in Trinity, and basically just KDE 2.x icons with the KDE logos changed to Trinity logos)
UI font: Comic Neue (but GTK+ 2.x and 3.x apps use the default FreeType "Sans", possibly due to a bug in how Trinity enforces GTK+ themes)
Window decorations: KDE 2 default


11 months ago

Thanks! Here is a screenshot with your theme: https://www.linux.org.ru/images/18320/original.png



2 years ago

9 cool!


product-maker abgr Feb 22 2018 9 excellent
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