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For some weeks, there's a lot of "non-kde related" pictures appeared on kde-look.org.
I think kde-look.org is a site where we can find some wallpapers to customize our kde. Why not girls one ?

If those wallpapers shock some people, why don't create a new section (girls wallpapers maybe) and not list them on main page ?

Everyone will happy like that...

Your point of view ?


18 years ago

I think KDE-Look needs to reassess what its aim is.

To a lot of people, it seems to be a unique portal for users and developers to share ideas on how to make KDE look nicer. There are lots of sites that cater for the general aesthetics of desktops (deskmod.com, deviantart.com, etc) but only KDE-Look is focused solely on KDE.

So I think it would be best for KDE to focus solely on things which are specific to KDE, and enhancing it. I'd like to see:

- Either only screenshots showing new design ideas, or at least two sections, one for saying "look at my lovely design, comments?" and one for "here's an idea of how we can change things around"

- Remove the resolution categories for wallpapers, and simply have "KDE" and "Other", so you can have wallpapers that you think would be good as standard wallpapers in the kde packages, and those that you just think look nice.

At the very least, have some notes on the submit page to stress the focus on KDE. KDE-Look can at times be a really good place to see exciting new aesthetic ideas, and at other times it becomes a catalogue of people's personal tastes.



18 years ago

the problem is, that most wallpapers featuring womans are mostly ripped of from other sites. Theres nothing artistic in ripping content and you also have to consider the legal aspect.



18 years ago

With the Gates part, MS bashing has nothing to do with KDE either.



18 years ago

Not 100% directly related no, but I it ;-)

Especially the wallpaper about Shaw's law.

Anyway, using Linux/FreeBSD/... with KDE makes it hard not to dislike Gates, he uses any chance possible to discredit our movement. Mostly by forging studies about Linux and Open Source.



18 years ago


Although I did consider your suggestion for a while, and it obviously solves part of the problem, it still leaves some problems open.

If this were www.nakedladies.org we would be in error argueing if that kind of pictures belonged here. But this is KDE-look.org, and it should be politically correct toward everyone. Now women and possibly children visiting this site can be offended by these pictures, so they do not belong here. A picture ridiculing Bill Gates does, as you should not expect to find MS propaganda here.

People should not want to put this site on blocking software.

If you really insist on associating KDE and naked girls, why not open a site specifically for that purpose?
That way, everyone is happy too.



18 years ago

It's not a matter of being shocked. The material simply isn't appropriate for a web site devoted to providing look and feel aspects to the KDE desktop.

A really nicely done icon is 100 times more helpful than a dozen half naked, half starved, half natural, half airbrushed models.

If I were to truly want to have some gal set up as my desktop wallpaper there are many other places to look that can provide far higher quality images for doing this sort of thing than this site. It's not that sort of content that someone would come here to find.

The real point is to help promote KDE as an attractive desktop alternative to every other darn thing out there. It doesn't do anything to help this matter by illustrating the fact that a number of post-puberty males have suddenly discovered that girls are cute and now want to let the world in on this little secret.

Rather than open a new section to the site, how about just providing some links off to the variety of sites that have all the ladies you can handle for wallpaper?


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