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This shows how my workstation is set up, and I want to share my way of thinking with all of you :)

The downloadfile contains fullscale, noncompressed screenshots of all my desktops.

I'm running Gentoo Linux KDE 3.3.2 on my Dell 8300 P4 3GHz with 1GB of 800MHz FSB RAM @ the moment. I'm running dualhead with a 19" and a 17" on a single nvidia card with xinerama enabled in USE.

My basic idea is to make a desktop for every group of tasks that i commonly do. I have six desktops like this:

1: Main - where unusual things happens
2: Com - email, IRC, MSN etc
3: Media - music, video, yeah - MEDIA
4: Dev - mainly kdevelop
5: Console - A desktop filled with Konsole
6: WWW - Where I surf around the net

So this is where the trick is:
In KDE I have set up shorcuts that lets me change desktop with ALT+q,w,e,r,a,s,d and i move the active window to a desktop using WIN+q,w,e,a,s,d. I have found some apps that uses the same shortcuts, but it seems to work anyway. I also have some spescials, like amarok always starts up in desktop #3, so I can start it from the shortcutbar (on the first screenshot, main.png). This shortcutbar is always hidden, but always in range as it appears when I ram my mouse to the left of my left screen.

This setup enables me to execute a range of tasks at the same time, as one desktop is lagging I can switch to a nonlaggy desktop and do something constructive, witch means zero waitingtime, my computer can always be used. (of course not, but you understand, if not you will if you try )

The screenshots have some unused space on the lower right, and thats because my xorg.conf pans 1280pxl to 1024pxl on the 17" at the moment :)

So, if you want to, try it out, it's not for everyone, I like to do alot at the same time, and I like that things are ready when I want to use them. Just switch desktop.

BUT, whenever I'm on another computer than my own, I tend to hit ALT+q,w,e,a,s,d ALOT of times ;)
Enjoy ;)


16 years ago

... This is an ordinary way of thinkin' I believe (I do not mean anything bad... just as is), because when a user's got such cool thing as Virtual Desktop he starts experimenting and obviously comes out with the decision similar to yours.

That's me, that's a lot of people all over the world, but... I personally ignored this pretty cool feature for more than a year (or even much more... I just can't recall correctly when I first faced with VDs), and this can mean that there are still a lot of people who aren't aware of that fact, that Virtual Desktops can simplify their daily routine and chaos with one desktop per all the launched window applications.

One thing I can suggest you, as you've come so far to share the idea of progressive and effective way of using of the KDE Desktop is just write an article, include screenshots, experiment even more deliberately to discover some more ways (if any), schemes, patterns and possible profiles.

That'd be a nice piece of writing for the newcomers to KDE, in my humble opinion :)

Don't give up! You really shouldn't stop just by posting this information here. Go on, and you may will get surprised but what you do :)


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