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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on



UPDATE2: the main user interface is generated from a relative small number of pictures. If anybody feel like helping to improve some (1-2 is good too) units or elements of terrain, that would be great too. On the left you can see the "tile" images i'm talking about. They're also available if u click on download.

UPDATE: a new splash screen would be also nice (actually the background of the initial windows, see picture 2). I think it's a much smaller work, and maybe some of you might find it challanging. Anybody interests?

I would like to ask if any of the talented artists here is interested in helping us improve the most popular open source strategy game, Freeciv. The developers works hard on it, and now it's code is better than ever, but unfortunatelly we only have a few artists. So while the game is really exciting and challanging, and we have a nice and friendly player and developer communtiy, the GUI is a bit deprecated. On of our contributors have started to work on a 3D version of the icons (w/ blender), but alone it's a big job. You can see examples of his work here: . We'd need graphics many units, if u need a complete list you can find them here: . So if anybopdy has some spare time to create 1-2 of these units in 3D and in a similar style like Lukas started, please feel free to send us that, we'll be more than happy! Together we could make not only a damn good strategy game, but even a very nice one :)

thx, hirisov


17 years ago

While I have not ever played freeciv, I am a HUGE Civ fan. I have a w2k box setup only for that purpose alone.Anyhow
is an awsome resource for modding Civ games and maybe it can be of some help?



17 years ago

I like the new 3d graphics.

Otherwise it could be funny to find some manga type drawings or (to make it kde like) some crystall based drawings :-)



17 years ago

if i only knew how to use blender, i would be colaborating with u guys, but newayz good luck hoping to play this game soon.



17 years ago

my blender skills are pretty limited, but i'll try when i find time. :D
that's all i can promise

drop me a line, ok?

my e-mail (cleverly written):
matija [dot] suklje [at] rutka [dot] net



17 years ago

While thsi si certainly a worthy request for the best OSS strategy game available, this really isn't the place for it.

Freciv is not even related to KDE, it is a GTK program. I suggest you post this on a news site such as PCLINUXONLINE.COM, MADPENGUIN.ORG, GNOMEDESKTOP.ORG, SLASHDOT.ORG and NEWSFORGE.ORG.

I am not trying to discourage you, its jsut that here on KDE look there are far too many things which do not belong here and I don't want to encourage this even if it is still something important. I think this is an abuse of KDE's popularity.



17 years ago

He is looking for artists, and where could he do this better than on an art related site?

I think this is OK, since he put this in the "other" section.


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