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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Pour "Conky-all" version égale ou inférieure à 1.9.0-4
To "Conky-all" equal to or less version 1.9.0-4

Change in the name of the icons, so renaming icons weather.
Themes ( to copy it to ~/conky/meteo_english/icones/ ) are now in a separate archive. Attached two news links to download.

I finally finished my conky weather+moon English version (a mixture of sources and Didier-T + Teogibus Geekus and few tricks of my own) and I want you to share it.
Bash programming only (except for a rotate.lua for long message display conditions and a text.lua for texts to the vertical).
Meteo_english folder to copy it to your Home conky folder, the .conkyrc (meteo_english, meteo_details_english) to copy in the Home folder and to copy the fonts to your Home .fonts folder.
To the Moon times shown in GMT +1 (Paris) except for moonrise and moonset (hour Accuweather data), the images represent its appearance from the northern hemisphere of Earth.
There is a need to install Imagemagick for moon.
The online address of the file folder meteo.cfg meteo_english is to change depending on your city (to find on the Accuweather site) and perhaps also the DirShell if you want to change the folder name meteo_english (Then check the paths declared in .conkyrc). It is also possible to increase the number of days forecast with variable periode.

Installation directory "~/conky"
Installing themes into the folder "~/conky/meteo_english/icones/"
Installing fonts "CorporateMonoExtraBold.ttf", "Folks-Heavy.ttf" and "Dejavu Sans Mono".Type, if necessary, in a terminal "sudo fc-cache -fv"
installation "Imagemagick".
Choice of the city to be specified in "meteo.cfg" folder "meteo_english" (to find on the Accuweather site).
Choice between temperatures "fahrenheit" or "celsius" to configure in "meteo.cfg" folder "meteo_english".
Theme icons fixed or random to specify in "meteo.cfg" folder "meteo_english".

Delete information Moonrise and Moonset from the site "" as they are also obtained from the Accuweather website.
Small corrections in the "meteo" file to avoid further discrepancies in the data.
Adding notifications for panels of weather messages "Weather Current" "Weather 5 days" and "Weather one single panel".
For this you need to install the software "xdotool" and have a notification system (personally I use notify-OSD and its configuration software).
Xdotool (X11 simulate keyboard / mouse input)
Notify-OSD (daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications type)
But it should work with other notification system (Gnome, XFCE, etc ...)
Make executable files (ZIP archive) "meteo_english_messagec" "meteo_english_messagej1" and "meteo_english_messageg" and copy them to the "/usr/local/bin".
Copy the ".notify-osd" file in your Home folder.
If so, simply click on one of the three panels to see a popup notification with one or the weather messages in their entireties.
You must wait 5 seconds for the click to be effective (I had to put a sleep 5 in 3 bash "", "" and "" for xdotool loads, maybe is this due to the obsolescence of my system. You can try lower values for sleep and test).

There was an error in the météo.J'ai updated file download links.
Adding an additional line for too long messages (the weather is very talkative) that were not read and therefore offset for data.
Adding also exceeded warning recommend seeing the complete message on the conky that display details.
For conky that display the details I limited message length to 110 characters to be on not having other data décalages.
Download file
on GE.TT
on ZeenShare

Uncompress files and to copy in "$HOME/conky/meteo_english/"

Reconfiguration of "meteo" file to reflect the changes on the site "".
Readjustment of certain data.
Links with the site "" no longer seem to work.
Translation is not over but the weather works.

Data shift due to a change in the Accuweather site.
Adding a condition to test whether the line 1 of the current data and data on five days is not an additional message Accuweather site.
Change for deletion apostrophes only lines that do.
Simplification orders for the recovery of current data and five days.
Removing additional indication UV index data for five days.
Problem on the "Icon_wind" function (bizzare weird) solved.
Adding sound to start updating the weather (Requires mpg123 package).

Data shift due to a change in the Accuweather site for an appeal for donations for the Philippines.
Corrections made in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/meteo" line 73.

More new changes on the site "Accuweather" taken into account. Reprogramming file "meteo".
There is also the change in the name of the icons, so renaming icons weather.
I recreate an archive for icons themes (Weather Themes V2).

Reconfiguration of the file "meteo" to take into account changes on the site "Accuweather".
Error Corrections for updates data Accuweather made.
Parameter "own_window" set to "yes" in ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data."
Parameter "background" set to "yes" in the ".conkyrc".
No up-to-day programmed "" between 11:50 p.m. and 0:10 a.m. to prevent downloads too close.
Possibility of preventing the up-to-day programmed "" when "synaptic" is loaded because I had serious problems to update packages on my system (remove the "#" before the lines 13 to 18 in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/
Adding trace file "~/conky/meteo_english/suivi" for updates data Accuweather limited to 40 lines (end of file meteo).
Test network connection possible (remove the "#" before the lines 152 to 165 and add a "#" before the line 167 in the file "~/conky/meteo_english/")

Bizarre, bizarre. After deleting the file "," there is no longer refresh the weather at midnight + 15 seconds. So I go back to configuring the Weather V9. Attached archive containing the three files to change.
- ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data" to copy to your "home".
- "" copy to "~/conky/meteo_english/".
Corrections as in "" copy to "~/conky/meteo_english/".

Loading data obtained from the website "Accuweather" is now done separately by conky additional ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data" I started automatically by the file "meteo_english_data" loading XFCE (same opportunity for other distributions).
File deletion "meteo_english_refresh."
Directly weather refresh at midnight + 15 seconds in ".conkyrc_meteo_english_data" via the file "meteo".
Adding "" conditions to delete the data loading "Accuweather" between 11:45 p.m. et 0:15 to prevent the risk of two downloads close around midnight.
Delivery of value-update interval to 1 (that I had changed to slow messages "rotate.lua").
Line Doubling messages about current conditions and the lunar cycle in "rotate.lua."
Creation launcher switch (1 click opens the conky, click closes another one) "meteo_english_data_panel" to stop and restart "meteo_english_data."
Launchers switches are located in the "meteo_english/launchers/". You can copy them to "/usr/local/bin/".
Display a pattern of waiting in the different panels (time to settle in meteo.cfg)
Rename ".conkyrc_meteo_english" (conky only one panel) with ".conkyrc_meteo_english_gen."
Recalibration of windows ".conkyrc_chargement" (Transparency and size).
Adding theme "AccuWeather" in the basic version.

Taking account of errors in the file "meteo" and ".conkyrc_meteo_english".
Crop window "meteo_details_english".
Configuration change "" to avoid copying the full theme icons in the "icones" folder.
Creating a new style of weather in conky three panels (one in one single panel always exist)
I created 4 launchers in a XFCE panel (1 click opens the conky, 1 another click closes)
"" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_cc",
"" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_5j",
"" to launch ".conkyrc_meteo_english_lu",
and finally "" to launch".conkyrc_english_details".
You can copy these files in "/usr/local/bin".
The data displayed by "rotate.lua" put a few seconds to appear.
I tried to find another application to create my launchers only with text labels, but for now I don 'have not found anything yet (I think with panels from other distributions it is possible to do what I did it with XFCE).
I also changed the color of the border of my conky.
All weather data are loaded at startup conky ".conkyrc_meteo_english_cc" by the launcher "" which is the current weather panel.

".conkyrc_meteo_english" and "meteo" file problem : I started mixing English and French versions, sorry. I do not have realized immediately because I have both versions installed in parallel.
The choice of a single theme or random now specify "meteo.cfg."
Removing the theme "wireart" in "" too dark and invisible.

Adding arrows up and down to atmospheric pressure.
Install font "Dejavu Sans Mono", which must be part of your distribution to allow the display of symbols.
After the changes on the site "Accuweather", now it is "" for the image of the moon (the end of the year is full of bounce).
I get as my first versions of the image of the moon on the same site as the data ( and it is very much like that (why make it simple when you can make it complicated?)

Reconfiguration of the file "meteo" to take into account changes on the site "Accuweather".
I also join in the archive both necessary fonts to be copied into "~/.fonts" and then type in a terminal "sudo fc-cache -fv" that integrates the system.

Resolution error "".
Master files and themes are in two separate archives.

Png files optimized for weight reduction with "optipng".
Current day and time problem resolution in the file "noww" (the argument "Now" with Egrep added lines containing the word "snow" and was shifting my lines in the file).
Adding Weather icons themes that load at random, but can specify a single theme in the argument after putting "" line 102 in the ". conkyrc_meteo_english".

Choice between "Fahrenheit" and "Celsius" for temperatures to be configured in the file "meteo.cfg" in the folder "meteo_english"
If you used the pack Fahrenheit V5English, remove in the Home folder ".conkyrc_meteo_englishf",".conkyrc_meteo_english_detailsf".

Centering location and hour data ( the bottom of the Weather ) in the file "centering".
Replacing "text.lua" by convert (ImageMagick).
Change in the translation of the lunar calendar.
Adding halo around the moon.
Laréral additional panel.
Moving panel "loading" at the top right.
Change progress messages (1 2 3 3 3) instead of (1 2 3 2 3).

Changes on the site Accuweather taken into account.
Remove 0 at the start numbers one to nine.
Name the first day back in the file "noww" and copy in the file "listj".
".conkyrc_loading" copied to the "meteo_english" folder.
Recentering messages.
# if [ $dwind == "Calm" ]; then
# sed -i "30i0" ${DirShell}/day$x
# fi
in the configuration "meteo" file.
Adding an asterisk at the beginning and end of message.
Change in the file "noww".
Change appearance.
Change method of refreshment.
Centering wind, temperature, date and hour data in the file "centering".
Change Moon and Sun date to display "--:--"

File path changed text.lua in .conkyrc_meteo_english. made ​​executable file.
Additional information for hours for the lunar calendar.
Change the icon of the Moon.
Formatting dates and translation to be tested.
Changing the refresh of the weather at midnight (line 101 of .Conkyrc set to 86398) to be tested.
Loading visualization.

Excuse me, there was a problem with the icon of the moon.
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