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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


This conky theme is my personal modification of Conky-Mira by sen7. Original can be found here:
It is however based on Conky-Box by Lyrae:

I made some slight modifications of the Conky-Mira theme, but basic concept is similiar.

I do not use compiz or any other window manager, that allows me to create transparent elements of the desktop. I decided to use a small trick to create transparent background of the conky. It is conky's common behavior under KDE, that when started, it appears on black background instead copying desktop wallpaper. In order to have truly transparent conky you have to set wallpaper for "root desktop" of kde by using feh. I decided to use this behavior as an advantage to create cool effect. Before all conkys are started, I launch a script, which takes current wallpaper, applies some changes to it (turns it to grayscale, makes it a bit darker) and finally uses feh, to set root desktop new wallpaper. Later on conky displays this modified wallpaper as its background.

- feh
- ImageMagick
- ruby with rmagick gem installed


a. Copy font from "fonts" directory into ~/.fonts
b. Place theme files anywhere you like. Remember to change enviromental variable $CONKY_ROOT defined in 'conky_start' to point theme location. This variable is used in many other files in this theme.
c. Create symbolic link in .kde/Autostart pointing to 'conky_start' script.

Enjoy your new conky :-)

My distro is PLD Linux, and in this conky I use script for poldek to check for updates and display notifications of any new packages available. If you are using different distro simply remove Poldek section from conkyrc_system. If you are PLD user, you must change INFO_PATH variable in scripts/poldek/ script to match script location. Also, you can create symbolic link in /etc/cron.hourly and restart crond in order to check for updates every hour.

I also use amarok script, to display info about currently played track. I found this script some time ago and I'm not sure, to whom I should give credit for it. I made some small modifications to this script to suit my needs.

To display your weather properly, get your location code from[yourcity] and place it in conkyrc_weather file, replacing text 'Your location code'

Feel free to vote, comment and ask questions :-)
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