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Available as/for: 32bit - x8664bit - x86arm64 - 64bitarmhf - 32bitstable

png2svgz - Icontheme Folder & Skelett and Themplates builder who works together with inkscape for move the png's into svg's and gziped as svgz later
for KDE44 and Plasma. This is a kde44^/Plasma icontheme creator helper and helps you to create a Plasmatheme into Konsole of Plasma and, you can use Konquerer with 2 Window for the sourcefolder and the themefolder actions, to see left down below, how many files exist and how many files you have to work with inkscape to give the "enter"key as confirmation (can be really nerve by 1000 icons, for luck works the enter not alone, the space-key works also as confirmation.. and by 1000 pictures be really a work.. "tack,tack,tack,tack") by move the png's into svg's, later behind the whole work with the Space-key or enter key (you can use also the space key) works gzip alone as routine and works really fast to make the whole into svgz.. pv it is support too by compressing the theme, if you have installed supports "--help|help|/?|?|about|--about"

2 files, one need the Inkscape before 0.92 and one later as Inkscape 0.92

the whole need Plasma, konsole or xterm, it's a clean bash-script, you can work with it also in terminals like ssh, but you must have for Inkscape a Surface like Plasma/KDE or Gnome and a Filemanager to view in 2 different window what's going on.

it works also over nfs (but ssh X11Forwarding do i am -not- recommend !

compressing the whole needs only an terminal/ssh connection, it meant therewith,
you can create a png and move it into your source directory for later working,
or, you have a svgz file and move it directly in the theme-folder where it is later compressing.
(but make a backup of them, because if you works later and let all again convert from
png to svg(z), will be all first delete in the theme/apps or other folder in your themefolder,
so can you put it later in the right folder of source/apps and have it then save..
or you move both in the right folder once, the png in
the source/apps/example.png and the other in theme/apps/example.svgz

compressing the whole it's possible 0v35 network, it means terminal/ssh
because the compressing works directly in the terminal and support pv and esc colors ;)

at moment do it [strike]only create the Mimetypes[/strike] nope, now also other files, the other pictures have you to create as png's in the sourceforlder.
May do i add the whole standard plasma files as themplatefiles too , what i have now ..
(themplates, files who have no Pictures on it and be transparent, this is the reason why do you only see square something, edit this file and set a Picture in it
or remove the themplate with an other png with the same name ),
as example folders and systemsettings icons, but at moment must you it do.
(or you take other Iconthemes and use this files and make more out of this..)

If you have this, help this script to move all in the right folder as svg later as svgz with gzip and create a index.desktop before/by compress .


it creates in your Homefolder
$HOME/yourthemeworkplacename/Youtthemename/%generate index.desktop% by compress out of the variables in the setup (first couple lines of the script).

so, have fun :)

best regards
Last changelog:

1.02.0 from 05.04.2020 1 year ago

update for the more new Inkscapeversion later as 0.92

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1.02.0 from 05.04.2020 1 year ago

update for the more new Inkscapeversion later as 0.92

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