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Easily keep track of jobs you've applied to. Automate resume & cover letter creation; generate PDFs from .odt templates on the fly while scraping the job post & tracking employer status.

A Ruby-based application to automate the lengthy steps for writing and dating cover letters. Generate PDFs from Libre Office .odt templates on the fly and save a copy of the job posting, all without ever having to leave your terminal!
The only thing Resgen doesn't do for you is actually send the resume (but with some minor tweaks, it could do that, too!)

Zero technical skill required for use

How it works:

- Initialize Resgen by navigating to it's directory in your terminal and running ruby resgen
- Resgen will prompt you for information about your job prospect & even alert you if you've applied there before
- Based on the information you give Resgen, a customized cover letter with the employer name and current date will be generated and merged with your regular resume, straight from .odt templates; no needing to have to create the PDFs by hand any time you want to update it - Resgen does it for you
- Resgen also scrapes the job posting and saves a textual copy (and dates the file), so you have a point of reference when you're called in for an interview
Last changelog:

Bugfixes + Gecko CVE 7 months ago

- Bugfixes for vanilla install
- Gecko driver CVE

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Bugfixes + Gecko CVE 7 months ago

- Bugfixes for vanilla install
- Gecko driver CVE

1.3.0 2 years ago

- Gems are appended after automated install
- Simplified default paths
- Installation automation features added
- Delete obsolete upgrade script

New Features 2 years ago

- Reporting options (weekly, monthly and yearly)
- Automatic error testing/checking upon application launch (checking for integral files and directories)
- Spreadsheet generator

Notable changes 2 years ago

- Selenium support added
- Functional updates & logic improvements
- Support for Mac and Windows extended
- Scraper improvements

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