Teamlions-Extended Kernel For Xiaomi Redmi 4A

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5 .0

Teamlions-Extended Kernel is a basic common kernel with some useful basic features for Xiaomi Redmi 4A by teamlions.

* Added interactivex governor
* Added dancedance governor
* Added nightmare governor
* Enabled 300HZ timer for better performance and battery backup
* Added adreno idle support
* optimized wakelock and deepsleep
* Added state notifier support
* optimized booting time
* backported smb358-charger driver from ido ( 10% otg and charging speed improvement )
* optimized display driver
* Builded with latest linaro 7.3.x Gcc . ( For better performance) .
* Legendary battery life
* Bypasses the verified boot flag for Android Pay compatibility.
* Idle power consumption reduced to the absolute minimum (if you have wakelocks from 3rd party apps you're obviously on your own)
* Added power EFFICIENT driver (Saves more battery life)
* Added WIREGUARD driver (good internet connectivity)
* Optimized Cpufreq
* Added back Sound control driver(boost your speaker audio level)
* Updated Wakelock blocker driver
* Optimized performance
* Improved Bluetooth connectivity
* memory Management improvement
* Optimized interactive gov
* Optimized display & graphics
* Optimized Zram
* Enabled Xbox, logitech, analogue Joystick Support
* Qnovo Quick charging Support
* Ported land led driver (better led indicactor for all rolex variants)
* Under clock cpu to 200mhz supported
* No overlocked cpu . so safe to use our kernel as daily driver

And much more check our kernel commits changes
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