Rainbow-Conky-URW Original


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Colourful basic conky with font URW Palladio L
Rainbow Conky needed to have distances and spaces adjusted
to accomodate a different font width

To run Conky:
place this file into ~/.config/
run with command:
conky -c ~/.config/conky-URW.conf

create startup application entry with above commands
or add a 5 seconds delay and use this command:
bash -c "sleep 5 && conky -c ~/.config/conky-URW.conf"

for display of temperatures and fanspeeds
"lm-sensors" needs to be installed
first issue command:
sudo sensors-detect
then reboot

the relevant lines are: 80 to 88
try by removing the: #
in front of a line to activate it
or by adding a: #
in front of a line to silence it
or trying various combinations of above possibilities
without dedicated graphics driver we use lines 83 and 84 set as a pair;
because ‘acpitemp’ is used for CPU, and ‘hwmon’ is used for graphics adaptor

network is set to "enp3s0" for wired connections
and "wlan0" for wireless connections
your computer may have different names for network cards and connections
like enp4s0, wlx001f3386b507, enx0c5b8f279a64 etc.
replace the enp3s0 or wlan0 with your connections name
on lines 100 to 107

for laptop battery monitoring
remove the: #
on lines 71 and 72
BAT0 may have a different symbol


1 year ago

If using Conky Manager it can be started up like this as well:
Edit the conky-startup.sh file in the .conky directory
Add these lines after any other conky's your are running:
(Note: /home/user/ folder path /user/ is whatever your named user folder is is used /pc/ generically)
cd "/home/pc/.config"
conky -c "/home/pc/.config/conky-URW.conf" &

It runs like a champ.



1 year ago

Awesome simple meter with lots of colors. Editing was a breeze for my needs.
Thanks so much!


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