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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


----UPDATE----- Please View Here for updated alternate Version- also works on XFCE

We all know and love the Azenis2 theme.
Before The Azenis 2 GUI championship winner was made, J. J. Ying created the Azenis theme. This was never ported to Linux.
Until now.
I contacted J. J. Ying and asked his permission to move it over and he kindly agreed.
So, here, I offer you "Azenis-One." Beautiful, elegant, functional... and badly mangled by me trying to get it to work on GTK3.
---UPDATE---- Fixed overshoot-undershoot dotted lines.
---UPDATE---- Synaptic Icon Fix. Added Icon package with Synaptic icon fixed in separate download on this page.
---UPDATE----I have recently discovered PCMan's "gtk-nocsd" product. You can read here:
It is available in repositories and can be installed from terminal.
What This Does: It disables gtkClientSideDecoration on apps that use it, allowing the Window Manager to do so.
Given the current trend and the news that XFCE 4.16 will fully switch to CSD (Becoming like Gnome 3) and will remove XFWM4 (No more XFCE Window manager which is why many of us switched to XFCE desktop in the first place) - It is very important to let the developers know whether you disagree with this decision. (I have done so- Loudly.)
Currently, the developers do not seem to be listening. Rather, they feel they should explain to us, the users, why what they want for us (and themselves) is what we should want, too.
If you disagree with XFCE removing XFWM and replacing it with GNome 3 CSD, please use the links and Be Heard.

I have reformatted this theme to work with a desktop equipped with gtk-nocsd. That file is added on to this theme as Azenis-One-NOCSD. ---Last Image above showing deja-dup, Nautilus, Dconf-Editor and Baobab all with full Window Borders.----
If Azenis-One-NOCSD is applied to a desktop NOT equipped with gtk-nocsd, then the CSD apps WILL LOOK BROKEN. Please Be Sure to download and install the Correct File!

NOTE: I created a Metacity Theme for this. However, I do not use a distro that uses Metacity so I was unable to test it. In other words, it's creation is based on guesses. If you use cinnamon or mate and download this to get the Metacity, Please let me know if you have any problems.

This is inspired by the Original Azenis. I needed to re-create certain aspects of it and while Azenis uses a light colored background within the window content view, I decided to stick with the dark theme base. Certain elements that normally would have been light needed to be modified to suit. Including check-radio and range sliders.
The Original Progressbar cannot be duplicated since the theme engine we use stretches the image and Yings original is incremental. (I could not figure out a way to get GTK3 to allow an overlay to be used on the progressbar in css.) The taskbar has been re-employed as the toolbar.
Scrollbars highlight as do the titlebuttons.

Additionally, I wanted to stick with the theme of making an homage to Yings Original Work by using the Original Azenis Icons.
You see, the "Azenis Icons" we have been using in Linux are actually "The Preface by the Cyan Magic" by 0dark0x.
This theme includes an icon set formatted to work on Modern Linux based on the Original Azenis Icons by Ying. In creating this set... I gotta tell you... I have been banging out creations for full icon sets over a short period of time... My creativity and Patience ran out. I reused many from the Azenis Preface Set to fill in some gaps, although I did re-create a great many icons to complete this set.

XFCE4 XFWM users get a small bonus- an Alternate XFWM4 Window Border that has titlebuttons more reminiscent of the Azenis 2 theme: The Max and Min titlebuttons are elongated and the Close button enlarged but on the Azenis-One backdrop.

Please Watch for Updates.
I continue to test themes long after I upload them. I am a novice, not a professional. I am enthusiastic, but I make mistakes. If You Spot a Glitch or Error, Please Let Me Know. I cannot predict how this will work on the great variety of machines out there.

Extract download to your downloads folder
Extract Azenis-One.tar.gz to your /usr/share/themes folder (Or to ~/.themes)
Extract Azenis-OneXFM.tar.gz to your /usr/share/themes folder (Or to ~/.themes)
Extract Azenis-One Icons.tar.gz to /usr/share/icons folder (Or to ~/.icons)
Select using Appearance Style tab and Icons tab.


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