GT3 EX theme Cinnamon Mate XFCE with Icon set

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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

5 .0

Reworked with my own flavor. ---UPDATE: Fixed tree-view sidebar----
Includes many recent fixes on other themes including Thunar Pathbar Button. Theme and Icon set includes Cinnamon D.E. and the Cinnamon CS App icons.
Older versions available on my page of this website.
Two available versions: With CSD and with NO CSD (for use alongside gtk3-nocsd): ------NOTE: I forgot to rename GT3EX file to GT3EX-CSD. But the file marked GT3EX is the one that uses CSD alongside your window manager.
To use gtk3-nocsd, please see PCmans:
It is in the Debian and Ubuntu Repositories, so you can install from Terminal with "sudo apt-get install -y gtk3-nocsd"
Highly recommended. In the meantime: I will do a remake of AzenisEX with CSD as soon as the other computer which has a CSD desktop on it stops being a bunghole. You CAN use this theme even if you are not using the NO-CSD add on- however any CSD apps you use will have some odd headers.
What GTK3-Nocsd does is it bumps the themed CSD headerbar down into the toolbar, using your Metacity3 or XFWM4 to supply the title bar- I make NOCSD Themes to account for this, replacing the headerbar background with the Toolbar Background, instead.

Extract the GT3EX-Icons to /usr/share/icons OR to ~/.icons
Extract the GT3EX or GT3EX-NOCSD to /user/share/themes or to ~/.themes
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