Darcwaita-3.36 Original

Gnome Shell Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://gitlab.gnome.org/cbowman57/darcwaita

Score 50.0%

The unholy marriage of Adwaita and my theming style incorporated with the color palette and some styling cues of Arc-Dark
( by Horst3180 & currently maintained by NicoHood )

The shell theme is built from the current version of Gnome 3.36

The Gtk3 is built from gtk+ version 3.24

The Gtk2 provided is the one from the Arc-Dark theme with a couple very minor modifications

(For non-Gnome shell users convenience the Gtk themes are available standalone, just extract and drop into
a folder named Darcwaita-3.36)

My philosophy towards theme customization is that the Gnome team provides the best and most up to date code
for a fast and reliable desktop, it merely lacks the color and style options that I find most appealing.

(A Gnome 3.30 version still available here Darcwaita )


2 months ago

please change opacity to blur or just get rid of it, and make the blue color more muted, when a tab is opened the height of blue bar which indicates the opened tab is just too much, in the files app there is too much color contrast between the main container which shows files and tabs and other surrendering make the main container which shows files darker.


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May 20 2020
May 19 2020
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