Sleek GrubBootloader themes [That greets you with your name] Original

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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


"Sleek themes for those who love Simplicity and Minimalism"
Here I present you the "Sleek Grub-Bootloader Themes", Minimal, Modern looking and beautiful themes for your grub bootloader with different color options light, orange, bigSur and ....... yeah of Course 'Dark theme'. What if you can personalize your grub bootloader, What if grub bootloader greets you with " Hello [Your name] " . Yup, you have an option to display your name in bootloader which you can enable during the time of installation...

All Four themes have an option of displaying name.

Installation: Installation is easy ,
extract the themes and execute script included with it as super user ( sudo ./ )
note: remove the "icon" folder which located at sleek folder if you don't want icons to display

I hope you like these themes and keep using them forever but if you want to uninstall them:
uninstall: execute script included with it as superuser ( sudo ./ )

BigSur background:
os icons: tela bootloader themes
source code:

This setup doesn't work with ZFS filesystem.
Last changelog:

Changelogs and updates:1.0.3 2 months ago

pop-os icon added
font updated with poppins



9 months ago

thank you. this means a lot for me...


Changelogs and updates:1.0.3 2 months ago

pop-os icon added
font updated with poppins

Changelogs and updates: 6 months ago

1:added bigSur wallpaper
2: added parrot os icon
3: fixed typos (preferred and install)
5:removed items backgrounds

product-maker askdanielsmith Mar 31 2021 10 the best
I didn't work fo me. I was using ZFS filesystem. After reinstalling the system (non-ZFS), it works smoothly. Please indicate that these setup doesn't work with ZFS.
product-maker ajmal-sadiq Mar 25 2021 8 great
The brightness is slightly less.....Anyway Good
product-maker velayo Mar 24 2021 9 excellent
Love the theme. But on my 4k display it doesn't look that good. Also in my computer fonts don't look the same and there are icons next to the boot options. Anyway to remove those icons?
product-maker am86shekari Mar 14 2021 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker linuxoed9 Dec 27 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker happyhipster Dec 08 2020 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker jaycool Nov 20 2020 10 the best
10 the best, though how does it work? because when I reboot it doesn't show anything but the login screen.
product-maker teraskull Nov 19 2020 5 average
5 average Why would you copy my BigSur theme? Very original.
product-maker ntapeksiwale Nov 15 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker huntantr Nov 13 2020 8 great
Looks great! The only thing I noticed is the transition between options is not smooth. If you are able to fix that it would look even better.
product-maker keyle Nov 01 2020 10 the best
Nice work! Dark and Light look like Samsung One UI, and this theme applied perfect on my Samsung Notebook 5 NT550EBZ-AD1A. Can I make Korean Version?
product-maker pkrn Oct 29 2020 8 great
Nice theme! But it doesn't look that good on my 2560x1440 monitor.. font is super small and other ui elements are huge. Can you please make a 2k res version too?
product-maker PowderLinux Oct 26 2020 10 the best
Nice work!
product-maker dima1911 Oct 15 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker kokostech Sep 27 2020 10 the best
It's the best Grub theme I've seen here!
product-maker junbin Sep 24 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker nollie8969 Sep 20 2020 8 great
I installed dark version, but fonts are different. It's looks like Courier instead of yours. Any clue ?
product-maker papercut Sep 20 2020 10 the best
Looks really neat, I love it!
product-maker imtiaz007 Sep 18 2020 9 excellent
Thank you for the beautiful theme
product-maker twix2007 Aug 27 2020 10 the best
Works great, no hassle. Looks great! 10/10 would recommend.
product-maker birsabir Aug 23 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker sagar258 Aug 23 2020 10 the best
10 the best
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How to install a grub theme:

  1. Extract the theme to /boot/grub/themes/

  2. Edit /etc/default/grub file. Find the line starting with "#GRUB_THEME" and change it to "GRUB_THEME=/boot/grub/themes/[THEME_FOLDER]/[theme.txt]" (replace [THEME_FOLDER] ; [theme.txt] is probably OK ; remove "[]" brackets)

  3. Run sudo update-grub

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