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WinSur kde is a light clean theme for KDE Plasma desktop.

In this repository you'll find:

Aurorae Themes
Kvantum Themes
Plasma Color Schemes
Plasma Desktop Themes
Plasma Look-and-Feel Settings

WinSur Golbal Theme:
WinSur-light Plasma Theme:

WinSur-light Aurorae Theme:

WinSur-light Sddm Theme:

WinSur-light Color Theme:

WinSur-light Wallpaper:

WinSur-light Kvantum:
Win10Sur icon theme :
Last changelog:

2021.06.16 5 days ago

Added Office ICONS.

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2021.06.16 5 days ago

Added Office ICONS.

2021.05.25 27 days ago

Update the icon.
Fixed the display of sound ICONS (small ICONS).

2021.05.05 1 month ago

Adjusted display brightness and Kopete icon appearance.

2021.04.16 2 months ago

A new icon has been added

2021.03.27 2 months ago

Modified some window ICONS, replaced the clock appearance and some panel colors.

2021.03.06 3 months ago

With the update of the system upgrade, there are changes.

2021.02.17 4 months ago

Updated ICONS, colors, etc.

2020.12.10 6 months ago

Options for colors, ICONS, Windows,KV adjustments, etc

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Apr 30 2021
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Plasma Themes

Plasma Themes are for the main elements of the DE, like Panel, Menu, etc.

Read more about how to do Plasma Themes here: