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NoobTV creates a library from your TV Shows folder, which you can then create schedules from and generate playlists to simulate the experience of television. Scheduled shows can be played in-sequence or episodes can be chosen randomly. NoobTV uses NumRand a random number generator based on chaotic motion.

NoobTV expects a folder structure such that there is folder which you choose as root of your library, then subfolders with show-names and each show folder's contents can be organized in any way but if you want to play a particular show in sequence the paths of each episode must be alphebetically organized in order. For example /show_name/s01/s01.e01.mp4 etc.

To set root TV Show library folder and playlist output folder go to preferences by clicking the prefrences icon in the lower right corner.

When creating schedules you type in show names in the text fields in the schedule, if a typehead appears with the correct show name you don't have to complete typing you can unfocus the textarea by clicking the next text field below, then the field should turn green if the show is registered and saved into the schedule. You can toggle the random / in-sequence property by clicking the slider next to the show's name.

You can set the last played episode of a particular show by clicking the preferences icon next to the show in your library (which is useful if you want to play a show in-sequence but are not starting from the first show)

Known Issues: In Dark mode on mac, text becomes white and on white background is invisible. You can exclude NoobTV from dark mode on mac if you have dark mode set.

To install newer version of NoobTV you have to uninstall the older version, uninstalling older version will NOT delete your schedules and library.


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Updated versions can be found on the app store:
And microsoft windows app store:


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