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Noob Player is a media player with tabs, based on VLC.

Noob Player gives you tabbed video player with full access to your Noob TV schedules and Noob Cinema movie queue. If you don't have Noob TV and Noob Cinema installed you can still use Noob Player to play multiple playlist files and movies with tabs. Noob TV lets you play schedules from Noob TV continuously, when a schedule reaches the last episode a new playlist file is generated so the playlist never stops playing (just like television).

NoobPlayer lets you watch multiple playlist at a time with tabs. You can open schedules from NoobTV and let them play continously just like a television station would. You can set an option to set whether switching between tabs pauses the video playback of tabs so that if you want you can have it just like real TV.

NoobPlayer complements NoobTV and NoobCinema perfectly, but if you don't have those applications installed you can still use NoobPlayer to open playlists and media-files.

To open media or playlist you can copy paste the path or url into the search bar, or press the open folder icon in the menu to the right of the search bar. To open schedules from NoobTV or play movies from your NoobCinema queue you can press the down-arrow in menu to the right of the search bar. There you can choose a schedule to watch or watch your movie-queue.

The "pause" button in the menu allows you to set the global-pause setting, which if turned on will pause playback when switching between tabs, when turned off simulates television and keeps playback going when switching between tabs.

The screen button hides the controls which is useful when whatching fullscreen (to show controls again simply press escape).

The playlist button shows/hides the playlist where you can play specific items or delete them from the playlist.

The plus button adds new tabs. You can also open new tab with command+down key.
You can close tabs by holding down the command key and clicking on the the tab.

The final button is the controls button which shows the playback controls.

The search bar currently only searches movies from your NoobCinema library.

When opening a playlist/schedule/movie in tab that has already loaded movie or playlist the content being opened is added to the back of the playlist. Make sure you open a new tab, if you want to have multiple different playlists/schedules playing.

When playing a schedule you can go through the down-arrow menu button and open the schedule there generating a new schedule file. Or you can open the generated playlist from your playlists folder, if you open the generated playlist-file NoobPlayer will detect the schedule which it came from and keep generating playlists continually when playback reaches the last item on the playlist.

If aspect ratio or video size is not in accordance with the player window then you can resize the player window and a second or two for the video to adjust.

If the video doesn't load or doesn't play, it's possible that the filepath to the video is incorrect or an external or network drive is not connect. Or that the filetype is not supported by VLC. Note that video only starts playing automatically when the tab's playlist is empty. Otherwise you have to open the playlist and select the item to play.

command + right arrow key plays next video
command + left arrow key plays previous video
space bar to pause or play video
command + down arrow key to open tab
command + click on tab to close tab

Features that are not yet completed will hopefully be in next release:
-setting playback position
-reordering playlist with drag and drop
-setting volume level to specific value
-searching tv shows/episodes
-saving sessions
-windows support (currently only available for macOS)


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19 days ago

I reccomend getting this app from the mac app store, since it won't be updated here. This version has a memory bug that has been fixed in the app store version.


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