Genome Light and Dark Kvantum Original

Kvantum blur breeze

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


This is a Kvantum theme. It was meant for Genome and Ultra so it is not a perfect replica of Breeze, but with a few modifications, it could definitely become Breeze Kvantum.

Includes a script to change the standard blue highlight color.

If you do plan on using this theme for a blurry background in Dolphin, please take a look at Luwx's Lightly first.
Installing through Kvantum will not allow color changes.
Instead, copy the extracted folders (GenomeDark and GenomeLight) directly to

You can also run the script before installing it through Kvantum and simply reinstall the theme whenever you wish to change colors.

The script is executed in the format
$ /.changeColor d9113c
Where "d9113c" is the hexadecimal color you wish to change it to.

Pictured in screenshots is the ShapeCorners desktop effect paired with Breeze window decorations so that corners are rounded. Once installed, the setting is accessible through

System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects and is under Appearance.

If you have difficulty installing it, I recommend looking at Lightly Shaders, which also adds an optional "beveled" outline to windows. ShapeCorners and Lightly Shaders only work with Breeze and Lightly window decorations.
Last changelog:

1.1 1 month ago

+ Fixed light toolbutton
+ Fixed progressbar inactive

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1.1 1 month ago

+ Fixed light toolbutton
+ Fixed progressbar inactive

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Kvantum Engine

A Linux SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5 and KDE Plasma.


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