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resizePhoto is a nice service menu to resize your photos to a size suitable for emailing. It will resize any picture so that it is no more than 640 pixels on a side while preserving the aspect ration. This size can easily be changed by editing a text file.

You can resize any number of photos simultaneously by multiselecting them in Konqueror, then choosing the "Resize Photo" service menu.

A dialog will display the progress. The dialog has a cancel button.

Open a folder containing some image files (.png, .jpg, .gif) in Konqueror.

Select one or several of these files.

Right-click one of the selected file and select Action->Resize Photo. (See first screenshot.)

A dialog will appear showing the progress of the resizing. (See second screenshot.) Press cancel if you so desire.

A folder named "Sized" will appear in the image folder. The resized photos are in that folder.

To install:
Extract the two files from the tar.gz file. Copy the .desktop to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus. Copy the .sh file to somewhere in your path such as /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin or ~/bin. Double check that the .sh file is executable.

Edit the file to change the size of the resized files, or the name of the "Sized" directory.

resizePhotos depends on Imagemagick and bash being installed.


13 years ago

Hi, nice little menu.

If you could make the script accept the first parameter as size of the image, and all the rest - as image names, you could change the menu to have submenus with different sizes to convert to. As well as put it under the "Actions" menu :)

I did it the more primitive way - by creating separate scripts for each size and modifying the menu like this:

You can use that script modification if you like it :)



13 years ago



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