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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on

5 .0

Inspired by this ( idea on supporting the TV-Out on Nvidia Cards I made a small Service Menu to view videos on TV.

You are able to select between Xine and Mplayer (they and X have to be in your Path otherwise edit the Service Menu File).

Copy the file 'view_on_tv.desktop' to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/ (only you will be able to use this Service Menu) or to /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/ (depends on your KDE Installation and needs root permissions but all users are able to use the Service Menu).

Thanks go to Markus Iofcea for the idea.
Visit to see how it works (only german).

Update: Angel Luis Jimenez Martinez mailed me that it would be a good idea to kill the X-Server after finishing watching on TV. It's quite simple and a similar solution was on the website shown above. The only reason I didn't implement it into the service menu was that it didn't work for me. But maybe someone else has more luck with it.

Just open the service menu file with an editor and change the following two lines:

Exec=/bin/sh -c "X -screen TV :1 -ac & sleep 2; DISPLAY=:1 xine -f -g %U; ps ax|grep 'X -screen TV'|cut -f 1 -d' '|xargs kill"

Exec=/bin/sh -c "X -screen TV :1 -ac & sleep 2; DISPLAY=:1 mplayer -fs -vo xv -zoom -really-quiet %U; ps ax|grep 'X -screen TV'|cut -f 1 -d' '|xargs kill"

As a goodie I made an desktop icon for the DVD-drive to view DVDs and (S)VCDs directly on TV. It's in the [download]. The only problem with it is that some paths are hardcoded in it. So you have to edit it and use your correct paths to get it to work.

Have fun with it.

Maybe someone can help me out with a way to create an icon with the correct paths of the system or a service menu specially for this kind of ServiceType?


16 years ago

Hi there,

i like your programm very much and it works great with my Nvidia MX440 Rev.2...

You are running a nice monitoring prog in the background, too... Whats the name of the prog...???

Best regards





16 years ago

Great to hear this!

The monitoring Program is a superkaramba theme called cynapses karamba which can be found here:


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