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Oxygen Blue Air Plasma Theme
PJ Singh, 2009-06-19

This is a theme for Plasma that uses the KDE 4.2 color scheme, instead of the black Oxygen plasma colors.

The Oxygen plasma style is an excellent look for KDE, but I found that the black color was a stark contrast to the rich blue hues of the default color scheme and the "Air" background.

To remedy this, I modified the original Oxygen Plasma/Desktop Theme to create this "Blue" version. This theme keeps the shapes and styles of the plasmoids but adopts the KDE 4.2 color scheme.

Most of the plasmoids have been updated. Even the moon image on the logout/shutdown dialog has been made brighter, compared to the original dull gray color, and now looks more appropriate against the new blue background. The button hover-over effects also nicely match the new color scheme.

The new K-Menu ties everything together with coordinated blue hues, giving KDE a signature appearance. (Note that the kicker panel is actually transparent, but may appear blueish if you use the Air background as I do).

Overall, I find this theme gives KDE a very cohesive, professional, and brighter look.

Please note that this theme currently only works with compiz or desktop effects enabled (K | System Settings | Enable desktop effects).

This theme has been tested on Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.


Install this theme...

# Navigate to the download location and extract the theme.
$ tar -zxvf OxygenBlueAir_PlasmaTheme.tar.gz

# Copy the theme tho the correct location.
$ cp -rf "./Oxygen Blue Air" ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme

# Optionally remove the downloaded file and the extracted theme folder...
$ rm OxygenBlueAir_PlasmaTheme.tar.gz
$ rm -r "Oxygen Blue Air"

((2)) Chose the new Desktop Theme...
1. Right-click on your desktop
2. Select Appearance Settings
3. Click the drop down next to "Theme:"
4. Select "Oxygen Blue Air"
5. Click OK button


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10 years ago

Look up another see the link? than the previous outdated.
am I interested in this theme



11 years ago

As I say in the subject the theme does not work with compiz enabled.
It works with Kwin effects, but only once I changed a line in metadata.desktop in order to let it apply:

X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=default - it's wrong, "default" has to be substituted with the name of the theme-directory.

I'm on Karmic with KDE 4.3.3
It would be great if you'll
create out from the Oxygen-blue-air.emerald theme a new window decoration for Kwin!
Thank you!





11 years ago


I had developed this theme on KDE 4.2 with Compiz (not the "Desktop Effects").

However, it does not seem to work with Compiz and KDE 4.3.x.

Since there seems to be an interest in this theme, I will update it for KDE 4.3.2+. It will take me a some time, so please be patient. I will post a comment once I have updated the theme.




11 years ago

Hi! Thanks for your answer!
I can affirm you that your theme works perfectly even with kde 4.3.3 and compiz (there are no problems at all if with kwin effects are on).
I've talked about the transparency problem I encountered even by running compiz and the default plasma-theme: Air, in Kde Forum.
It's Plasma that generates this issue: to let transparency work (and consequently your theme too) you must run compiz, quit plasma and then run plasma again using krunner or console.
These are the commands in order:
I let fusion-icon and compiz run from kde-start.
Then I run "kquitapp plasma-desktop", I wait some seconds and run plasma-desktop, and the trick solved ;)
I hope this would help you!
Yours is a great theme set: the only one I didn't manage to install is Grubtheme, because now kubuntu has Grub2 installed as default.

Thank you!




11 years ago

Here's the link to the thread with the solution:



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