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Hi guys, no actual content yet, just a copy of Digital Clock, but I will have a basic alarm clock by the end of this weekend I expect. I'm the first to post a plasmoid on kde-look, and probably the first non-kde-developer to create a plasmoid... I hope I'm the first of many.

Anyway, I hope that you guys can help me form some ideas of what you want from an alarm clock widget. As you can see, I will have the existing digital clock plus a mini digital clock that will show the current alarm setting, that can be changed right from the GUI. At first I'll just have the applet blink, but I'll make it so you can have the applet play music through Amarok, make a buzzing noise or soother, trigger commandline events, and anything else that you guys suggest.

Happy first kde-look plasmoid!

Does anyone have any sounds that I could use as an alarm? I already have a buzzer, but a bell, wind chimes, and anything else you guys have would be really helpful! Please double check that your content is Creative Commons license or similar-- don't need any trouble. Thanks!


10 years ago

Does this plasmoid actyally exist? This is exactly what i need!



11 years ago

How download this plasmoid?
How download this plasmoid?



12 years ago

Hi everybody,

well I'm jsut a noob, but I can't download this plasmoid: when I click on "download" I just get an image but no downloadable files...

how can I do???



13 years ago

I use my PC as my alarm clock to get up for school. So, sitting all night, my screensaver comes on then my loud alarm goes off in the morning. It would be convenient to have a quick hotkey that could get around screensavers to shut off an alarm sound instead of turning my speakers' volume off or turning on the monitor, typing in my password, then quitting the alarm.



13 years ago

You may want to check out the freesound project at

Can't wait for KDE 4 so I can test this out!



13 years ago

Make sure you tie into solid so you can have a present sound to wake up to, for those times you fall asleep with the laptop muted. I used alsa config files and a script for my own alarm, but from what i understand solid or phonon controls that? either way, i hope you understand the feature i'm trying to describe




13 years ago

I know exactly what your are talking about. There are some cases I can't code for, like suspend or hardware mute buttons, but I'll make sure to implement a "by any means neccassary" method to have the event of the alarm happen. I know its pretty embarrasing to say, "boss, I came in late today beacuse my alarm clock applet didn't unmute the speakers on my laptop."



13 years ago

I'd like it to have a snooze button. This is something I find lacking in many linux alarm clocks.

The option to run a command would also be nice.

Great idea!


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