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Ultimate Skipper

VLC Extensions by arisasnowbell
Automatically skip Anime Openings and Endings. [b]Installation[/b] Download the [b]ultimate-skipper.lua[/b] file and place it in your VLC extensions directory: -Linux (All Users): /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/ -Linux (Current User): ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ -Mac OS X (All...
vlc extension skip anime lua addon
5 .0
Jul 23 2020
2. playlist parser

VLC Playlist Parsers by stefansundin
/lua/playlist/ To install the addon for all users, put the file here instead: - On Windows
addon twitch
7 .8
Jul 19 2020


VLC Extensions by tristargod
# VLCSubber A lot of shows/movies come with available subtitles. This extension searches the folder the playing video is in for appropriate subtitles. Default is set to English. Language can be changed by modifyng variable _TARGETLANG via a text editor. ## Instructions 1. Download...
addon vlc mit
5 .0
Jul 18 2020


VLC Playlist Parsers by palladium
Xtube URL parser. To install, download the xtube.lua file and place it in the following directory, depending on your operating system: on [b]Windows[/b]: [code]C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\vlc\lua\playlist\[/code] on [b]macOS[/b]: [code]/Users/(your...
addon xtube playlist parser
5 .0
Jul 18 2020

VLC Playlist Rememberer

VLC Extensions by abbas-b-b
VLC Playlist Rememberer An extension that saves the last played item of a playlist to continue later on. Setup Copy VPR.lua file to Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ and ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/playlist/ Windows: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\ and...
5 .8
Jun 30 2020

RoosterTeeth Video Discovery

VLC Internet Channels by zacjw
VLC Lua plugin for video discovery support. Doesn't support FIRST only videos or FIRST early access videos. [h2] NOTE [/h2] Due to VLC 3.0.10 bug [url=]#24718[/url] that I have reported, videos will not play at correct resolution....
rooster teeth addon
5 .0
May 11 2020

Fallout VLC Skin

VLC Skins by jynxdarkspell
So, after I created my Fallout Plasma Splash Screen, I realized I needed a skin for my media player. I didn't find what I was looking for, so I had to cobble one up. This is the result. Features: Full menu button, all typical play controls, DVD controls, Snap shot button, file...
fallout pipboy vlc skin addon
5 .0
May 11 2020

VLC Enigma2 plugin

VLC Internet Channels by beber
Description: VLC plugin to parse Enigma2 TV bouquet Outputs the list of channels with art file and current EPG for a given Egnima2 TV bouquet. Installation Add E-TV.lua in .......vlc\lua\sd\ Edit file and set your enigma2 IP address Then start VLC
addon vlc enigma channel
6 .2
May 02 2020

Starfleet VLC Skin

VLC Skins by jynxdarkspell
Get yourself a Tricorder and a Padd and start enjoying your digital media! Just make sure your superior officers don't catch you using them in this manner while you are on duty!
starfleet star trek tricorder padd addon
5 .0
Apr 29 2020

Underoo McGoo

VLC Skins by jynxdarkspell
Who doesn't want a funny ugly monster rampaging on their desktop, running around in their underwear? This theme was created for my munchkin, inspired by his favorite Fuggler, Underoo McGoo. It has stacked mode (default), minimode, and Monstermode, as well as a choice between Blue mode and Red...
fugglers vlc skin monster addon
5 .0
Apr 27 2020