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Super Skipper

VLC Extensions by trezdog44
Automatically Skip Opening and Ending Sequences. Includes interface to start automatically with VLC. To install unzip '' and copy the 'lua' folder to your VLC config directory. - Linux: - (All Users) - `/usr/lib/vlc/` - (Current User): ...
5 .0
Sep 15 2020

Subtitle Word Search

VLC Extensions by tcrespog
[u][b]Synopsis[/b][/u] With this VLC extension you can search on online search engines the words displayed in the SRT subtitles of a video. You can look up online dictionaries to get translations, meanings, and others. [u][b]Installation[/b][/u] Copy the "subtitle_word_search.lua" file...
7 .3
Sep 05 2020

YouTube Channel Feed

VLC Playlist Parsers by roland1
YouTube Channel Feed Playlist Parser Playlist Parser for Youtube Channel Feeds of the form Requires a WORKING youtube playlist parser (tested with...
5 .0
Aug 14 2020
4. playlist parser

VLC Playlist Parsers by stefansundin playlist parser Note that VLC 3.0 includes a Twitch playlist parser by default, but this one is far superior (see the list of features below). Install: 1. I have included a client_id in this script. If it gets blocked in the future, you can try to get a new one (e.g. by finding...
7 .9
Jul 19 2020


VLC Extensions by kokokoshka
DESCRIPTION: Companion for plugin. Adds subtitles to videos INSTALLATION: - Download file - put the file in the vlc /lua/playlist folder, by default (create directories if they don't exist): * Windows (all users):...
6 .8
Mar 31 2020


VLC Internet Channels by roland1
Zugang zu den Online-Mediatheken des ÖRR (ARD, ZDF, ...) basierend auf den Datenbanken des MediathekView Projektes * Benutzung: In der Wiedergabeliste-Ansicht (Ctrl+L) in der linken Spalte unter "Internet" mediathek (durch Klick) aktivieren. Gegebenfalls warten...
7 .5
Feb 27 2020

Playback speed manager

VLC Extensions by Ilgaiaz
This VLC's Addons give the possibility to : 1. Set the speed of the video when there are no subtitles. 2. Set the speed of the video when a subtitle is shown on the screen. [b]Required VLC version: 3.0+[/b] [b]Installation[/b] Put the file `playback_speed_manager.lua` in : ...
6 .0
Feb 20 2020

Youtube playlist addon - with github page

VLC Playlist Parsers by vishvas
This addon is published at [videolan]( with the below description. #### Description (possibly out of sync with videolan page) Import a youtube video / playlist into VLC. ##### History and maintenance This is a modification of...
6 .0
Dec 15 2019

History Based Shuffle

VLC Extensions by Dreistein
This Plugin shuffles Songs based on the history of playing. If a song got played recently, it is less likely to get played. This reduces the chance that the same song gets played again. Even when the media player gets restarted! How it works The plugin creates a file in the vlc config...
5 .0
Mar 18 2019


VLC Skins by x-varlesh-x
Breeze skin for VLC
6 .3
Jan 22 2019