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twosouls82 twosouls82 Assen, Netherlands

Utilities by Seli 10 comments

:s before I got to write the scripts KPager worked already.

How could this be? - Jun 27 2006

Utilities by Seli 10 comments

This is just a great achievement/improvement if you ask me. I once tried xfwm4 (Xfce's Window Manager) and I loved the decorations/themes for it so much better than those of KWin.
'Though KDE gave me the opportunity to change the window manager (using the KDEWM variable in the ~/.bashrc); KPager didn't allow me to switch my desktops any more, the WindowList applet didn't function anymore etc.

Now it is just a question of writing a few bash scripts to do those things.

Using xfwm4 again (^-^)

Thank you very much/Hartelijk bedankt,
twosouls82 - Jun 27 2006
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Icon Sub-Sets by everaldo 27 comments

For ArchLinux users a package is available at the AUR community page: - Apr 18 2006