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Georg Rudoy , Russian Federation

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Apr 03 2014
Well, you can turn off disk caching for the browser and increase the size of in-memory caches.

It's not possible, though, to disable caching of various service data in IM — particularly things like avatars are always fetched and stored for now. Though I doubt it creates a somewhat observable workload for SSDs — once avatars for your roster are requested, no disk writes occur anymore (unless someone updates his avatar).

I think it's possible, though, to patch the code to have in-memory log for chat history, for example, though that'd impact the soundness of the chat history database in case of OS crash or power loss, and I doubt it's worth it. I also doubt it's worth to prune the cache of entity capabilities in IM — that data is quite important for proper functioning of the XMPP client, and rerequesting it on each startup would terribly affect overall performance of both the client one uses and the corresponding XMPP server. - Apr 03 2012
What do you mean by optimizng for SSD? - Apr 03 2012
Have you any other apps using QScintilla2? If you do, do they run well? - Dec 03 2011
Have you tried running `ldconfig`? - Dec 02 2011
Seems like the issue is outside LeechCraft actually. As a workaround, you can try disabling support for PGP by compiling with -DENABLE_CRYPT=False - Dec 01 2011
Could you please paste a backtrace somewhere then? To obtain it:

gdb leechcraft
bt - Dec 01 2011
This could happen due to QtMultimedia issues. Please try compiling with Azoth enabled and with -DENABLE_MEDIACALLS=False cmake option. - Nov 30 2011
Этакая самоирония — мол, в приложении есть все подряд, значит, комбайн :) - Nov 29 2011
Yes, it's a known issue sometimes, especially on Windows. We plan on introducing multiprocess support somewhere closer to 0.6, though, so I hope that'd fix a lot of similar issues.

Moreover, we plan to replace currently used QtWebKit (our browser's engine) with WebKit2, which delivers Chrome-like multiprocessing out of the box. - Nov 28 2011

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Chat & Messenging
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Chat & Messenging
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Qt Tools
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Chat & Messenging
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