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Justin Smith Paradise, United States of America
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KDE Air Wordpress theme

Various Stuff 9 comments

Score 79.3%
Feb 21 2012
This is how the preview looks in IE9:

I'm still new to Wordpress, so I could be making a dumb newbie mistake, but I think that ought to display differently. - Feb 21 2012
This looks amazing! Unfortunately, it seems that something is wrong with this updated version. It doesn't display properly in my Wordpress. I looked at the version in SVN, and it looks like the background images weren't included. - Feb 21 2012
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 12 2009
The download link doesn't work... :( - Oct 24 2008

Full Icon Themes 508 comments

Score 80.0%
Dec 25 2008
The new version looks excellent. In fact, I think you may have convinced me to switch over already... :) - Sep 10 2008
I like the way this looks. When you fill it in with smaller icons, I'll definitely switch over. - Sep 09 2008

Full Icon Themes 4 comments

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Sep 08 2008
Thanks, but I wouldn't consider submitting this to anyone unless I took the time to clean it up and finish it. As it stands, this is really just a rough draft and that's pretty much where it will stay unless I get very bored and decide to mess with it. - Sep 08 2008
Score 79.3%
9   Feb 21 2012