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Andy Capral Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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by Viras
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Jul 31 2010
Thanks for this good app.

In my KDE environment I use dark theme and correspondently dark background color in the traffic-graph. But since v.3.8-1 the maxValue font color became Black - independently of my system text color as before - and thereafter not distinguished in my background.
I used to resolve this problem by compiling app with some changes in TrafficWindow.cpp:
In the function TrafficWindow::drawRingMemory() (line 493 for v.4.0.1) I set line:
windowPainter.setPen( color );
before line:
windowPainter.drawText(QRect(1,0,100,100), AlignLeft|AlignTop, getDisplayString(maxValue));

Then after compiling of the app the color of maxValue becomes "Upload Color" (default - Green), that was OK for me.
Now I upgraded my SUSE to 11.0 with KDE4 and have some troubles with compiling (as I can understand - because of unresolved QT3/QT4 dependencies in my system). I am too bored to settle this compiling problem because of a such small bug in the app. So would You please fix it in the next binary packages?

From my side I have a suggestion: it would be great to set maxValue color in accordance with the colors of corresponding Upload and Download processes depending of which process get that maxValue. I think KDE users with "light" themes will not be much insulted since colors of the graph curves are apparently quite distinguished in theirs backgrounds.
Thank You. - Jul 14 2008