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Tomasz Ziobrowski Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland
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Feb 07 2014
This is very laconic information. It should not take much time to debug the code.
However, please use QtQuick, and QDeclarativeView instead. ScriptWidget was attempt to do somehing that QtQuick does much better and in far wider context.

Best regards. - Feb 06 2011
Well, there are personal reasons.It is much easier to control your own project that you can develop in any direction you like. It started as a research/(needed features) project and it is not as mature as QWT is. So I do not even try to compete with QWT or any other library or component you can find here. It is just yet another library that does some basic things. - Dec 30 2009
Now AnalogWidgets is ready to be used with MS VC 2008. It can probably be forced to work with earlier versions of MS VC. - Dec 16 2009
MSVC 2005 is not supported at the moment, but with your help it could be :).
From your error report it seems that you have problem with compiling analogwidgets_plugin. It is that because there is no rule for MSVC2005 how to build plugin.

I guess you could modify wince* rule to make it work with MSVC 2005 in analogwidgets/plugins/

If you succeed a small patch is warmly welcomed.

>By The way, your flags.pri file is filled with useless platform and CPU specific compiler settings including hardcoded paths.
Yes for MSVC 2005 it is completely useless. - May 16 2009
Yes I have tried it a little bit before with "oil widget" and few others. I have done it with ScriptWidget, which aim was to make widgets based on SVG and QtScript engines. Internal Java-Script API is very poor at the moment but performance is ok. However, making widget that is killing CPU is not a big problem. This is why I do consider to bring live to those "future" widgets by writing dedicated widgets in pure C++ where SVG themes could be exchanged, similar to potentiometer and counter widgets.
In my opinion it might be much simpler and more likely to make them alive, I am quite busy at my work at the moment.

Pure C++ widgets can be also better optimized by using cached and shared bitmaps, like it is done in WallClock, PotentioMeter and others. I still wonder if widgets with internal script engine is good idea. At least, how many people is going to use it that way?

I do believe I can achieve similar performance to PotentioMeter widget with C++ only approach.

P.S. Glad you like them ;). - May 07 2009
I have added make install. Please check it with your system. - Nov 26 2008
As I said this component is not perfect. I have never tested it against MsVisual. But, yes there was a bug, fortunetly extremly easy to fix. Please try last 218 version. - Nov 05 2008
I have fixed it. Please downolad new version - Nov 03 2008

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