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joshua kneer somers

Science by renatgaraev 3 comments

I know native english speakers that have spelling about as bad as that. give the guy a break. I know I can't speak more than one language - Jun 23 2007
Joceline Diaz Model 7

Wallpaper Other by patoaparato 1 comment

but can you really stop posting these wallpapers, they really aren't that good, and its kind of annoying...or just put them all on one page instead - Jun 10 2007

Full Icon Themes by Shirakawasuna 22 comments

I'm using it right now...changed my entire theme to fit with it...people get too crazy making everything ultra modern...I like the less serious looking approach...goes well with backgrounds from vladstudio - Apr 24 2007
Livid - Iconset Preview

Full Icon Themes by Kephren 15 comments

I was mostly refering to the firefox icon and the trash icons, the desktop icon and maybe the computer icon at lower resolution...when they're 256x256 they're fairly easy to recongnize, but at lower resolutions might be harder to...over all its a good project which is why i bothered to comment in the first place - Apr 24 2007
Livid - Iconset Preview

Full Icon Themes by Kephren 15 comments

I think they might be a bit too busy and to hard to recognize immediately...most good icons are very distinctive and tend more towards simplicity in an effort to make them immediately recognizable...I'm not art major, or GUI expert, but I thought they were a bit too involved.

anyways, i really did like how they were quite original and not just a rehash, and they definitely weren't boring.

keep working! - Apr 15 2007