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Jonathan Wong , United States of America
I'm not Liberator

Wallpaper Other by IIJETHROII 23 comments

Sometimes, bloodshed is necessary to achieve a goal. - Mar 31 2011
I'm not Liberator

Wallpaper Other by IIJETHROII 23 comments

Some people didn't need to kill any people to become great because their roles didn't require it. However, bloodshed is sometimes necessary to achieve a goal. For example, to liberate a country, people used violence to achieve it. In America, soldiers fought the Revolutionary War to gain independence for the colonies. This liberation couldn't have been achieved peacefully. - Mar 31 2011
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

Wait. You want to install this in Windows XP? If that is the case, it won't work and it is impossible. The theme is for Linux. If You noticed, this site is called GNOME-LOOK. GNOME is a desktop environment software for computers running Linux and Unix-like operating systems. Windows is not one of them. If you want this theme, you'd have to be running Linux. I suggest you switch to Ubuntu or another great Linux distro like openSUSE or Fedora and give it a try. If you want to install Ubuntu easyily, take a look at WUBI. It installs as a program in Windows XP but when you boot you have an option to run either Windows XP or Ubuntu. If you want to get rid of Ubuntu, boot into Windows XP and go uninstall Ubuntu like you would normally uninstall Windows programs. Good luck. - Aug 10 2010
Thanks for this. It works fantastic in Ubuntu 10.04. - Jul 27 2010