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Duncan Williams

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

Hi there, love this set, should be default in GNOME IMO. One question, there used to be a load of extra device icons eg specific phones, a TV etc, that aren't in the current set. Did they come from another iconset, or have they just been dropped? Can you point me towards them please? - Jun 01 2009
LyX GNOME-brave

Icon Sub-Sets by 987poiuytrewq 2 comments

Ubuntu does have a slightly outdated version in the repos. You can either convert all the png to xpm or install the newre version of LyX from (note you must compile from source). Alternatively, you can open up a terminal, navigate to the place where you downloaded the png's and run the following command in terminal

mogrify -format xpm *.png ; rm *.png

This will convert all the png's to xpm's of the same name, and then delete all the pngs. You can then copy to your images directory as normal. Converting to xpm will give you a slight quality decrease, because it can't alpha blend the edges of the icons, so I recommend installing the new version of LyX. - Jan 24 2009