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cam bro , United States of America
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Sep 05 2017
NVM< changed some files and some settings seems to work now? TY so much. - May 31 2015
Hmm i put my playlist in but it dosnt seem to be working similar to last problem but with shuffle off it wont load video and keeps adding a copy of the video it tried to play to the playlist
- May 31 2015
TY so much exebetche!! - May 31 2015
Hey, thanks so much exebetche! Hope they fix this issue soon. - May 26 2015
when i have shuffle on it just shuffles endlessly and dosnt play video, this a addon problem or vlc thing??? - May 22 2015
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VLC Playlist Parsers
by exebetche

Score 85.3%
9   May 31 2015