GTK2 Themes by AresRog 25 comments


But i have one more: this theme don't work well on Ubuntu (least by me) and man, what gimp is this one! it's amazing! - Jun 08 2010

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 25 comments

Man, this theme is amaze! It was just what i looking for! And i don't care if it looks like mac (i think most because you are using the OSX icon theme, so...)
Everyone is bothering because isn't a black theme... i like a clear theme, so i liked!

Just one tip: let the location bar more like elementary-mod will be great, in my opinion!

Thanks a lot for the work! I appreciate that! - Jun 05 2010
Nautilus-MOD (deprecated)

GTK2 Themes by jecovier 93 comments

Well, i have find a problem:
When i press Alt+M to hide the menu, open the Bookmarks menu. It's the same minemonic key (in my language it's called Marcações). - Apr 11 2010

GTK2 Themes by temp22 1 comment

where is it? - Apr 06 2010
Ubuntu Space

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Asturbal 3 comments

do not judge me! - Mar 30 2010
Ubuntu 7 SE

Wallpapers Ubuntu by CyberDoc2kse 2 comments

Verry good pal!
I was serch for something like this. - Mar 23 2010

GTK2 Themes by SickCORE 26 comments

the scroll bar... tsc-tsc....
please, make the scroll bar better and this theme will be great!

(Advice: Scroll bar like OSX Panther, but white and glassy, and one menu bar white theme version, and no stripes on status bar... them this will be REALY great!) - Mar 22 2010
Homer button

GnoMenu Skins by Bear73 4 comments

Mah, unbelievable! - Mar 22 2010

GTK2 Themes by zacbarton 62 comments

but, don't forget to keep the line that separates the tree foders to the foders (in the nautilus) a single thin line with the background of the tree divisory have a diferent color (i think that it's better this way, like elementary theme). - Mar 16 2010
elementary Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by gericom 17 comments

Nice Wallpaper back there!!
Where did you find it? - Mar 15 2010
Ubuntu Radiance for Grub 2 [BURG]

GRUB Themes by shafin 32 comments

This instalation notes misses some steps to realy instal and configure burg to use this theme.

there is a lot more to do it!

You must to install burg themes, and others burg features to work, editing a burg configuration, and set the burg the new boot manager. Please, update the Instalation instructions! I had problems before to fix the wrong instalation. - Mar 10 2010

GnoMenu Skins by RamseyG 1 comment

Good one, already using! - Mar 07 2010
GT3 Foot Button

GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun 1 comment

Whoa! This is realy great!
Tx! - Mar 07 2010
Hei, Great Desktop! How did you do that?!
GTK, Dock, Themes, icons, etc! - Mar 07 2010
moon-light desktop

Gnome Screenshots by bigrza 1 comment

So, may you tell us how to make the gnome look like this? gtk, icons, wallpaper, itens on the main painel and the name of the item where shows daft punk in the screenshot. - Feb 23 2010
Open Office Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by gauntface 3 comments

Please, say to us how to install this icon set. - Feb 15 2010
GIMP Splash

Cliparts by madsheytan 5 comments

Hehehe, on photoshop style hehehehe! - Feb 15 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Why you don't let the tray icons small like se7en? Here is the deal: You let the
size of the picture the same, but put a small icon in the middle of the frame of the picture,
it's simple and the tray icons will stay small. - Feb 12 2010
Micro Icons (Fixed)

Icon Sub-Sets by citizenofnowhere 14 comments

it's missing a lot of icons! there is no small ones! please, make a full icon theme! this theme idea is very good! - Feb 10 2010
Wndous Se7en

GTK2 Themes by LuxieRayku 30 comments

But, there is one Incoherence: the slidable swich is wrong. The se7en one it's like an arrow, not like a ball... - Feb 08 2010
Meliae SVG (dark and light panels)

Full Icon Themes by sora 45 comments

Very good! the best icon set i've ever seen! - Jan 21 2010
Meliae SVG (dark and light panels)

Full Icon Themes by sora 45 comments

simply beautiful! - Jan 17 2010

Beryl/Emerald Themes by PerturbedPenguin 23 comments

How do you blur behind the emerald theme like vista? is this a compiz configuration? which one? - Jan 06 2010

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter 3 comments

I'd never seen this before! - Jan 02 2010

GTK2 Themes by naaamo2004 44 comments

Very Good!!

The wallpaper it`s perfect! The start buton with a peach... lol!

so, may you post the icon theme in the gnome-look?

(or could you send the icon theme for my email too? -

Tx a lot! - Dec 02 2009
My Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff by palban83 7 comments

Wow man!

This desktop is unbelievable!

Please, may u tell us how did you make it?
Themes used, desklets, programs, icons, etc?

I will appreciate that a lot! - Oct 18 2009