Wallpapers Ubuntu by virus69 5 comments

I love this wallpaper, your use of the filter is the icing on the cake. - May 20 2010
The Bee & the Aphid

Wallpaper Other by Balian 2 comments

Thanks David, appreciate the complement & comment. - May 20 2010

Wallpaper Other by Buldoger 3 comments

That looks so serene. I wanna be there. - May 15 2010
Rocks Of March

Wallpaper Other by cynop 6 comments

That looks cool, it looks like you used a pin hole camera. - May 15 2010
Not only sea

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 8 comments

It sure does create a mood. Cool shot. - May 15 2010
Rocks of May

Wallpaper Other by cynop 4 comments

Nice photo - May 15 2010
Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron

Wallpaper Other by Balian 2 comments

Thanks Man, GSH is a genius, a living legend, I can listen to him for hours. - May 12 2010
Another Butterfly Wallpaper (various)

Wallpaper Other by Balian 4 comments

Thanks I enjoy mucking around with photography and photo's. - May 12 2010
Another Butterfly Wallpaper (various)

Wallpaper Other by Balian 4 comments

Sorry about that, you were right, photobucket had resized it and I didn't realise. I've fixed it now. - May 11 2010

Wallpaper Other by seapaladin 1 comment

If that's your second go at GIMP u r doing well. GIMP is awesome but there's a lot to learn to use all it's features.

I'm no great graphic artist (just look at the comments I get LOL) but a good easy effect that might work well on your wall paper would be:
1. Duplicate the layer.
2. Choose the original/bottom layer, give it a good dose of gaussian blur (from the filters menu>blur>gaussian blur) say 40 pixels.
3. Go to top layer and change the layer mode in the drop down menu and choose something like mode like soft light, overlay or screen also play around with the opacity.
This will give the picture a soft glow effect.

Another way to achieve this could be to:
go to the layer menu,
choose a new layer,
choose a big soft brush about the size of her head, choose a white colour and make one long brush stroke across her face and shoulder,
now go to the layer modes and choose soft light and maybe change the opacity. This will give her a more localised soft glow.

Another good effect could be to leave the ubuntu logo and tux in colour.

I hope I've helped and I'm not telling you things you already know.
- May 11 2010

Wallpaper Other by muriddhu 1 comment

I like that! Cool. - Apr 29 2010
I love this theme man. I'm using it on my Ubuntu Studio machine, it looks fantastic. - Apr 24 2010

Compiz Themes by sebco 12 comments

If you choose the theme and then hit the customise tab and choose fire dragon under controls menu it applies the theme, at least it does with my GNOME desktop on Ubuntu.

Awesome theme by the way. - Apr 15 2010
Griffin Embers Suite

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88 21 comments

This theme is pure beauty. - Apr 09 2010