Wallpaper Other by crushmaster 6 comments

good idea man^^ - Feb 01 2006

Various Stuff by oisch 76 comments

great program!!
i can improve my desktop it's possible fill up the 4 desktop pager and even reorganize one by one with kompose.
i don't think drag'n drop it's so important
it's a funny application..maybe you can add an effect launch(such as Mac-swirl on dashboard or minimize tray icon)or a little menu to set-up this feature with 2 or 3 themes included..
??'s possible? not able to build program in c...:( - Jan 30 2006
Net Monitoring tool

Karamba & Superkaramba by --Ya-- 4 comments

I've understanded that this theme helps to monitoring some web site or isp..or your administrating sites
But normally it's very unconfortable..everytime you have to fill the text with new domain and even its ip number!!
It's possible make automatic this actions?
Desktop changer karamba has a function in right click menu' where you can add the new pictures to desktop changer..can you make the same but adding domain ad ip?..because this idea is nice..:D - Oct 26 2005
Tulum Citadel

Wallpaper Other by brimlar 3 comments

well..i've worked for long time at Playa Akumal and this picture remind me nice things..:D...:D...:D - Oct 26 2005
Yakuake 2.7.3 Slamd64 10.2 package

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by hernan82arg 4 comments

but how did you make yakuake borders far from the desktop borders?? - Oct 25 2005

Wallpaper Other by DyVe 5 comments's true.i've forgotten the right license..but in my content doesn't i can't change it... - Oct 10 2005

Wallpaper Other by DyVe 4 comments ubuntu and kubuntu was desktop-oriented,but very stable system,a newbie remind me a nasty rookie..:) - Oct 10 2005
Superkaramba 0.36 (for debian Sarge)

Karamba & Superkaramba by Edie 5 comments

this is a place where people store own creations..and u didn't create nothings..
it was more simply to add problem as a suggest in superkaramba engine comments... - Oct 09 2005
Superkaramba 0.36 (for debian Sarge)

Karamba & Superkaramba by Edie 5 comments

and whath??..this is a normal installation procedure..(dpkg -i packagename.deb)
superkaramba is not yours!!
and is also in debian repository.. - Oct 09 2005
SuSE Comic

Wallpaper Other by Devilz 18 comments

Convert it with gimp in 1280z1024 size.
Great it's my background..even if i have - Oct 07 2005
valknut - almost DEAD

Network by zvonSully 15 comments

hy..i'm Divilinux..
tnx for making possible this great gui for direct connect..the client works great even without multidownload..
i came from dc++ and the only difficult due to migration was the gui i didn't found in others linux dc clients..
now a debian user just start apt-get install valknut to install program..:)
this can make me convert my friends to the Penguin..Kubuntu in particular.
Just a question..the message to sand in mainchat doesn't work with ENTER button...why?..i've noticed that if u start Valknut first time..without open the transfer windows..u can send messages with
ENTER..but when u open transferts list this not still work..and i must select a
unconfortable ALT+S...
i't my fault?..or wath..:) - Oct 06 2005

Wallpaper Other by DyVe 5 comments

well..i've found this pictures via p2p..i really don't know!!..the picture was clear..without any kind of logo or trademark..and i didn't know that is a famous cartoon..i can't see the all movies to post a simply wallpaper!! - Oct 06 2005