Science by virtualmeet 134 comments

Can you post linux binaries too ? (I can't use it on my QT4 config) - Jun 30 2005

Science by virtualmeet 134 comments

You said:
"there still some incompatibilities between windows version and linux QT version . Hope the next QT4 will fix that"
Now you can ! QT4.0 is out !! :-))
I'll try K3DSurf when compiling QT4.0 will be done ;-) - Jun 28 2005
Kubuntu Kside

Various Stuff by vanaedium 5 comments

And how to change the side image ? - May 15 2005
HDR Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by LightBeam 4 comments

Comments & suggestions for others CG icons are welcome ;-) - Apr 25 2005
XChat icon

Icon Sub-Sets by LightBeam 2 comments

The background is not black, just transparent. Enjoy. - Dec 07 2004
keyboard kde 3.3

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by tias 2 comments

I love this kind of view... How did you made this ? CG ? Gimp ?... - Nov 01 2004
Comix 1.1.3 rpm Mdk 10.1

KDE 3.5 Themes by mdklyon 7 comments

Nice neat and fresh cell-styled look ! I love it :-)) - Oct 19 2004
I use it since few months and I really appreciate it. Color picker is really usefull here, and, of course, all the others components that's Thierry put in it (synthax colorisation, .ini wizzard...etc.) many grat ideas and also plugins to come (spline editor...) I stay tuned ! - Sep 30 2004
Little ant

Wallpaper Other by LightBeam 3 comments

Thanks :-)
Yes I have the original, it is a 4 megapixel photo. But I haven't mofify this one (except contrast, I dont really remember) - Jul 11 2004