I would like to know if my instructions need to be tweaked for other distros. I could only test on Kubuntu. I will update the documentation as needed. - Apr 30 2009
Unfortunately, in order to change most of the colors in the GTK+ theme, you will have to edit a ton of pixmaps, including gradients, etc. That's what I had to do to the original theme to make it match the default KDE colors. If anybody is up for the challenge, though, we could have some nice derivatives. - Apr 30 2009
kde4.2-oxygen (modified)

GTK2 Themes by DeeZiD 28 comments

I have gone through and adjusted all of the colors, reworking a large number of the pixmaps and have molded this GTK+ theme into a very close match for KDE 4.2's Oxygen. I have put my modification of the work up on KDE-Look.org (since it is intended for KDE users) including icon theme. It's called Oxygen-Molecule and you can find it here: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=103741

(I hope you don't mind, DeeZiD) - Apr 30 2009