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Wallpaper Other by gvs 7 comments

I think it would look better if it wasnt such a high contrast purple, but nice design. :) - Feb 07 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by jamesliu 59 comments

after much trial and error I was FINALLY able to get this beautiful decor to work. You really should add an updated tar. Thanks for the decor! - Feb 06 2003
Smooth Aqua

Ice-WM Themes by akh 20 comments

I am using KDE 3.1 and it works fine for me. I even modified it to use the inactive windows' silver buttons (which I like better) as the active window buttons. You do have IceWM installed? Just an obvious question, you didn't really give enough info to isolate the problem.

-Jon - Feb 04 2003