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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

Score 76.7%
Jan 27 2015
I was testing and I love it. Good job.

Just a suggestion for videos. I'll like to have the movie cover on folders just like the music cover does. I keep my movies into a folder because I'm not a English speaker so I need subtitles for almost all films, and sometimes I add some extra files like trailers, images and soundtracks. And this will be useful for tv series because you have folders for every series with lots of episodes inside. - Jan 22 2015
I just want to say I love you. Sorry for my bad English but this is what I was waiting for over years! I have some external disks with lots of movies and series and I put the cover manually in every folder because the preview. But this is better and automatic.

Ps: Do you have plans to add tv series and anime? - Jan 22 2015
Score 71.7%
9   Jan 03 2016
Score 63.3%
9   Dec 28 2015

Plasma Splashscreens
by xiorone

Score 63.3%
9   Dec 28 2015

Plasma 5 Applets
by audoban

Score 84.4%
9   Dec 22 2015

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by Veoduendes

Score 76.7%
9   Jan 22 2015