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Jul 31 2005
For the transparent skin, open and in line 24 change the skin variable to trans, i.e. skin=trans. - Dec 25 2005
I am not sure if it is a bug. I just tried it and it works properly. You can try removing the config file, ~/.superkaramba/gmail.rc. Then keep the theme in the centre of the screen and see if toggling works, if it does, move it to the bottom. - Oct 06 2005
Sorry for the late reply... I didnt have access to a computer :-( . Regarding the Encoding, I think that's how the ATOM feed is, but I will look into it, and if there is something I can do, I'll definitely do it.

WRT to the appearance, I had almost finished writing a PyQt configuration dialog, but I was distracted by another theme that I have been making. (I'll try to finish both as soon as I can)
So when the config dialog is incorporated, you should be able to change the text font, colour, size et all. - Oct 06 2005
Which version do you use? I think the message would be more like "0 new messages...", but that too does not spill off for me, is the font you are using the same as the one in the screenshots?( I think it uses 'Sans' and 'New') - Aug 22 2005
Hmmm... You have any ideas for the interface ;-)?
Actually you could start of with one of the other two modes, and if you have new mail, you can switch to the normal mode(if the normal mode gets in the way).

Regarding font colours, you have to change that manually for now :( ; however, i'll add a config dialog soon.

Text spilling off is an issue i have faced too, but it depends on the message... eg. if a message has a lot of fat chars. it does spill off(Otherwise the '...'s come into place), i'll try to find a nice uniform width font and fix this issue in the next release. - Aug 21 2005
First of all, did you change the browser variable to "opera" or whatever the executable for your browser is?(See README). If you have, then open the theme through a terminal and post me the output.

I think cookies are the issue. If you have "Remember me on this computer" option ticked on the gmail login screen, you dont have to keep entering your username and password. The long link which you posted is unique and changes from user to user and(i think) from session to session, so it'll not be viable for the theme to guess the url and take you directly to your inbox.

The method I use, is to call your browser to open which is redirected to your inbox if you have cookies enabled and have checked the "Remember me on this computer" option.

If you feel the long link you posted directly takes you to your inbox, you could replace the link in the with that.

I dont think the issue is with the browser or the country ;-).
And, I dont live in the USA :-) - Aug 03 2005
Google made a change to the url on 21.06.05. It was changed from to
Are you facing any difficulties connecting? If no, everything is fine, if the theme is not locked, you have to double click on the gmail logo.

Is this what you meant, or did you have something else in mind? - Aug 02 2005
I almost forgot, the font color for "The number of messages' in the normal mode must be changed(green is not clearly visible. You can move to line 71 in, put a # before the line; go to the next line and remove the # in fromt.
You can also change to color to whatever you want, the last three zeroes can be changed to anything b/w 0 and 255(R G B).

You can refer to some image manipulation program for the colour codes. - Jul 31 2005
Mark(if i can call you that ;) ), your wish is my command. I didnt know which shade of blue to make, but i think it looks nice. Tell me if you like it - Jul 31 2005
As i said before, i am not a pro at making them, so dont expect them to be like some of the other skins ppl post here.I'll try to make something similar to mine with blue. - Jul 30 2005
Due to popular request( ;) ), the theme is now skinnable. So please send the skins to me!!!

I have started out by creating one that matches my current desktop scheme.(see first preview image.) I am not a pro(this is the first time i'm doing this sort of thing), but i think it has turned out just like how i had initially thought of it.

Tell me if you like it, or have any ideas i can implement in the next version. - Jul 30 2005
Funny, it works for me. Maybe you can(if you already have not) try downloading again.
This is the Directory Structure

| dont know why the backupfile sneaks in even after i delete it)!!

Maybe i could mail you a tar, tell me. - Jul 27 2005
"on click, it still switches the mode." Do you mean clicking anywhere on the theme? if that is the case, then that is what should happen. The above posts refer to clicking on the gmail logos(to open gmail in the browser). - Jul 26 2005
You sure you have the latest version(v2.3)? If you are sure maybe you could run the theme from the terminal and mail me the error message(s) if any.

Does anybody else have the same problem??? - Jul 26 2005
Hey no need to send a mail, it has already been incorporated. ;-) - Jul 25 2005
hey, i cant do without the support of guys like you, and unlike guys at *certain* s/w companies, i believe
developers(if i can be called one ;)) must listen to the end-users. After all developers are nobody if nobody uses their
programs!!! I am currently working on adding configuration menu to the theme(So that it is even easier for ppl to use).

Thank you for all your support!! - Jul 23 2005
Now you can "just click on the little env with the nubmer, have it open gmail in firefox, finish working on email in firefox -- close the browser, then see only the little envelope".
Happy?? ;-) - Jul 23 2005
Yes, it is how it works currently, Since you have to click once anywhere in the theme to change modes, a click on an image
is also considered a command to change the
mode.It wasnt irritating to me as I dont click there to go to my inbox(i click on the firefox bookmark or the gmail notifier in firefox). Since you seem to be bothered
i'll try to use a workaround. - Jul 23 2005
Thank you. Very Encouraging! :-) - Jul 22 2005
yeah it is possible, but i possibly cant upload both the versions(kde-look can host only one file). Just send me a mail and i will send the theme to you.
Probably in the next version, i'll have the option of expanding either upwards or downwards. - Jul 22 2005
I figured the theme would be of use to more people if it was smaller, hence the two new modes have been added. The messages are also scrollable, you can see upto twenty messages.

Tell me if you like it and comments and suggestion are always welcome. :) - Jul 22 2005
I meant < and > - Jul 09 2005
Sorry, just saw the post.

"wget -O -"
in the terminal. browse through the output, can you see your messages enclosed between ""? - Jul 09 2005
of course, replace username and password with your username and password. - Jun 21 2005
Google has made a change in its gmail atom url.
I will be uploading the updated version soon, others, who already have v1.2 and dont want to download v1.3 can go to line 97 in and change the line to
com="wget -O -"
Make sure that you dont lose the indenting. - Jun 21 2005
While correcting a grammatical error in the summary, by mistake, i forgot to uncheck the announce update on the homepage checkbox. This is v1.1 and has no updates.(There are none coming for some time too, as i dont have time to work on it and no bugs have been reported.)
Once again I am sorry. - May 19 2005
Hey thanks, that did it.Foolish on my part to oversee that.!! I will post an updated version soon. - Apr 19 2005
Sorry for my coding style i'm using index and index2 to detect tags in the rss feed.
My problem is regarding the tooltips, the tooltip before the update is shown if the widget is updated(however, if reloaded, everything works fine).I tried setting the tooltip text to "", but that doesnt work.

I have also tried deleting and recreating the images within the widgetUpdated() function, but to no avail.

Another interesting thing is that this happens even for soundmania.Maybe this problem is installation specific.

P.s.:Thanks for soundmania...!!! - Apr 18 2005
coloured dashboard calculator

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

by burt
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Dec 30 2006
It'd be nice if you can add screenshots.
:-) - Aug 25 2005
Mandriva 2006

Wallpapers Mandriva 2 comments

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Jul 30 2005
Looks nice, is this the wallpaper that comes with 2006 beta or did you make it from srcatch. I'd like to see red and black :). - Jul 31 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 249 comments

by FJR
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Jul 13 2005
First I'd like to thank you for creating metabar(konqueror seriously needed it!).

I'd like to make 2 requests, if i may.

1) The folder size always is 4KB, can that be changed to represent the actual size?

2)Can 'Open with' be made to change dynamically for folders and multiple Music files or a Music folder(I know this happens for single files).

Thank you. - Jul 27 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 87 comments

by p0z3r
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Mar 21 2006
Install the 'kdelibs-devel' package.
Instead of posting hear and waiting for a reply, you could do a search in google and find answers instantly. :) - Jul 22 2005
Beach Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 19 comments

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May 25 2005
LOL, ROTFL, :D - May 26 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 64 comments

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Nov 17 2003
During make i get

In file included from sidebar.cpp:17:
sidebar.h:18:31: konqsidebarplugin.h: No such file or directory
In file included from sidebar.cpp:17:
sidebar.h:26: error: expected class-name before '{' token
sidebar.h:26: warning: `class Sidebar' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor
sidebar.cpp: In constructor `Sidebar::Sidebar(KInstance*, QObject*, QWidget*, QString&, const char*)':
sidebar.cpp:23: error: class `Sidebar' does not have any field named `KonqSidebarPlugin'
sidebar.cpp: At global scope:
sidebar.cpp:48: error: extra `;'
In file included from sidebar.cpp:50:
sidebar.moc: In static member function `static QMetaObject* Sidebar::staticMetaObject()':
sidebar.moc:54: error: `KonqSidebarPlugin' has not been declared
sidebar.moc: In member function `virtual void* Sidebar::qt_cast(const char*)':
sidebar.moc:72: error: `KonqSidebarPlugin' has not been declared
sidebar.moc: In member function `virtual bool Sidebar::qt_invoke(int, QUObject*)':
sidebar.moc:77: error: `KonqSidebarPlugin' has not been declared
sidebar.moc: In member function `virtual bool Sidebar::qt_emit(int, QUObject*)':
sidebar.moc:82: error: `KonqSidebarPlugin' has not been declared
sidebar.moc: In member function `virtual bool Sidebar::qt_property(int, int, QVariant*)':
sidebar.moc:88: error: `KonqSidebarPlugin' has not been declared
make[2]: *** [sidebar.lo] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/ani/ksidebar-0.4.1/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ani/ksidebar-0.4.1'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Doesn´t KSidebar work with KDE 3.4 or am
I missing something? - May 09 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots 6 comments

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May 08 2005
Very artistic. - May 09 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 289 comments

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Sep 04 2008
The next and previous tooltips do not seem to work properly.The previous track tooltip shows the last file of the playlist while the next track does not show any track.(But i can see the fields Track:,Length: etc. but they do not show the necessary info.)

I use amarok 1.2.1.This could well be a problem with amarok, because the progressbar for soundmania didnt move with amarok 1.2.3 and i initially thought it was a problem with soundmania.(It turned out to be a problem with amarok).

Thanks anyway i dont think it bothers me much.

Keep up the good work. - Apr 19 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 34 comments

by air2
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Jan 29 2005
Does Gmail RSS feed work under this theme?
I get(no entries).Other feeds work.
Gmail works with Akregator. Thanks. - Apr 10 2005
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 201 comments

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Mar 28 2005
I dont want the unclutter windows and cascade windows options. How do i remove that box with the arrow.(It is not visible in your screenshot).Thank you. - Apr 07 2005
SuperKaramba Mandrake RPM

Karamba & Superkaramba 18 comments

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Feb 15 2005
I had been searching all over the net for this as i received errors during compiling,finally, after resolving these
errors and running sk, you release it!!!!

Thanks, it will be useful for lots of people....!!! - Feb 11 2005
Clear LCD Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba 9 comments

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Feb 09 2005
Thanks for helping, but i managed to make my own clock theme from other themes. anyway, thanks. I didn't realise it was this easy. - Feb 10 2005
Thanks for replying
superkaramba --version says
Qt: 3.3.3
KDE: 3.2.3
superkaramba: 0.35
python -V says
Python 2.3.4
I assume python libraby is also of the same version(if this is not the library!!)
should i update?if yes, which version and how.I run mandrake 10.1 urpmi says everything already installed. - Feb 09 2005
sorry I meant clear calendar - Feb 09 2005
The clock looks great and I am desperate to have it but when I open the theme, it is added to the themes list but I can't see anything. Same happened for LCD clock.
Crystal Calendar works fine but.Can someone help me? - Feb 09 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008
I dont even get a box, nothing happens when i open the theme
Qt: 3.3.3
KDE: 3.2.3
Mandrake 10.1
somebody please help - Feb 09 2005
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 282 comments

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Jan 08 2004
When I open slickbar only the clock is displayed.What should I do to make it look like the screenshot?(I have PyKDE,PyQt installed.).Also, how do you open the GUI config tool? - Feb 09 2005