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Abhay Patil Pune, India

Wallpaper Other by milesofwork 3 comments

What should I say this time? - Sep 12 2009
Colours of my life

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 4 comments

I'm from India..though I can express my thought in English, I will prefer to use the native language from over here "Hindi", as "Mashallah, Kya khoobsurat chaaz banaai hai aapne" !! means you've done a breautyful job.. - Sep 12 2009
The route of all evil

Wallpaper Other by milesofwork 4 comments

Superb thought...
And nice composition..
Thanx for sharing it... - Aug 20 2009
Hangzhou West lake

Nature by blackhat77 4 comments

I'm sorry,I was expecting reply from the original author and nowhere around my original quote,I made any of such meaningless comparison,because in ours (India),we really don't compare ourselves with others rather we compare us with ourselves so that we keep growing,progressing...
And,one very important thing,I didn't mean to discourage the author,just one small suggestion from my side,nobody else should get bothered and compare their own content with any other's to justify themselves... - Feb 11 2009
Hangzhou West lake

Nature by blackhat77 4 comments

I'm sorry, but looking at this wallpaper,I really don't think so anybody would understand that you are actually pointing to a lake or the reflections or anything else,plus you really should have worked with image editing so that brightness and blur adjustment would result in a better content!!
Anyways keep growing and clicking.. - Feb 10 2009
Ruins olf Eldena

Wallpaper Other by kuroth 1 comment

What's are you trying to say by this photograph? - Jan 21 2009

Wallpaper Other by abhaypatil87 1 comment

Why don't you people vote if you do download any artwork from "".
Come on you Lazy People...
I did the same,I do the same and I will and I expect the same thing from you ALL. - Jan 07 2009

Wallpaper Other by javierllorente 2 comments

Which Camera have u used?
Please give me the details..
Awesome... - Aug 23 2008
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes by speleoalex 265 comments

I'm also agree with all other people.
What made your mind to create such a drastic art!! Please, we're here as representatives of Open-Source, not for the useless stupid so called fast and good XP!!!!!! - Aug 13 2008
Sep 12 2009