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Ultimate Gnome

Full Icon Themes by Newmooon 100 comments

It's a brilliant iconset!
I really like it.
But please also add icons for applications like firefox, thunderbird, pidgin, deluge, xchat, you know, the popular applications.

Adrian - Apr 16 2008

GTK2 Themes by daro 2 comments

Nice colors, i like them, it's bit reminiscent of the murrinacool style(with different colors ofcourse)

One problem though, i haven't found any fitting icon theme, any suggestions? - Oct 10 2006
Enlightenment icons

Various Gnome Stuff by manowarrior 3 comments

It's nicely made but i find it inconsistent..
You mix colorful, dark and clean-white which gives it this 'scraped together' look.. - Sep 28 2006
Candido Hacked

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 21 comments

I have almost every piece of your work, i could send them over if you'd need it :) - Sep 14 2006

Metacity Themes by grutensaie 7 comments

I find the way you show the un/active state very original!

But it's really not my style and all :x - Sep 13 2006
How did you do this?
I compiled the tar.gz and was trying to use checkinstall to make it a seperate .deb package but couldn't figure out how..

Could you write or link me to a howto? - Sep 09 2006
Wombat Gray

Compiz Themes by unclespellbinder 19 comments

It's not my style but it has some really nice effects!
It shows what Compiz can really reach! - Sep 06 2006

Various Gnome Stuff by millencolin 2 comments

I have one exactly the same but with Gilouche-fitting colours..

I find it a bit stupid to add it as another variation since it only differs 2 hex colors so i'll "give" it to you :) - Sep 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by paulicat 2 comments

actually doing it(right) is a whole other thing :D

What font is that actually? - Sep 05 2006
Smooth Glass

Compiz Themes by pox 3 comments

I find the (mini/maximize x close) icons to be a bit too big for their surrounding box..

Other then that, nice :) - Sep 03 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 45 comments

So this is Candido meets Murrina? :D
I love them both so good job! - Sep 03 2006

GDM Themes by mexlug 41 comments

Why is everyone so offended?, i mean c'mon, it's a lovely butt.
It's a non pornographic, just mildly erotic -in a NON vulgair style- GDM theme. - May 01 2006

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 20 comments

I love it.
And please give a link to that wallpaper, it's gorgeous!! - Apr 15 2006
Compact open dialog (mockup!)

Various Gnome Stuff by mathieu147 6 comments

I love it, i always have to resize the windows and it pisses me off. - Apr 14 2006
Ubuntu Gray Mountains

Wallpapers Ubuntu by bow 1 comment

Thanks a lot for listening to my suggestion! - Apr 11 2006
Fedora Gray Mountains

Mountains by bow 3 comments

Could you either make an Ubuntu one or one without any printings?
I love the view and it would fit my black theme very nicely! - Apr 11 2006
Blue Ubuntu Gnome

GDM Themes by Fedorateur 2 comments

I like it!
It fits in a lot of themes which is a good thing! - Apr 09 2006
Gnome Crystal Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Dermi 2 comments

Clean, simple, nice and it matches my theme.
Good job! - Apr 09 2006

GDM Themes by nagilum 21 comments

I liked the previous one more, it looked more 'clean'. - Apr 08 2006
Ubuntu Babe

Wallpapers Ubuntu by deutschemonte 19 comments

I find her bellybutton to be a bit ugly.. - Apr 07 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets by olinux 27 comments

by jawbreaker on: 04/02/2006, 16:29
you should change the Inherits= line in your index.theme to include Tango.

I had the same problem, this solved it.. - Apr 07 2006
April Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by jestersmurf 1 comment

Kaizers Orchestra fan i see!
Good! :D - Apr 02 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets by olinux 27 comments

Okay, i got it fixed now..
I love the theme, but as someone else said, the navigation icons are kind of ugly..
VERY nice theme though! - Apr 02 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets by olinux 27 comments

But why are all the other icons the regular gnome icons then?
Ex: My terminal icon is the ugly gnome icon.. - Apr 02 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets by olinux 27 comments

Could you use all the Tango icons as a base and then one by one modify them?
Because i hate the default icons for gnome-terminal and etc. and it's the only thing keeping me away from this otherwise lovely icon-theme! - Apr 01 2006