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Aug 28 2018
Oh! I installed directly from the addons manager on OSX... I didn't catch that it might have grabbed the wrong version or something. But it is definitely available for download from the manager in VLC 3.0 for OSX.

Ah, i was wondering why you were getting the frame rate that way... I just made that change because it made more sense to me... the issue with needing to use a million instead of 1 was there.

So yea if you're a doofus like me and grab the wrong version you need to make that change... I'll test what happens installing manually on monday! - Feb 16 2018
I had to change click_use_jump() on OSX to set the input_jump text as 1000000/FPS instead of 1/FPS... I also configured it to default to `33333.3333` if there was no valid "Frame rate" reported from the input.

if k1=="Frame rate" then
if tonumber(v1) then
--if tonumber(v1) then textinput_jump:set_text(1/v1) return end - Feb 16 2018