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abu-se Abu Flensburg, Germany
Ranier Sunrise

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by Hop
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Oct 13 2004
WoW, what a beautyful waterscape, so colourful and so calm. Very impressive, thank you for sharing this with us. - Oct 13 2004

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Aug 20 2003
YES! A blue one would be great. I like your design. You have give yourself some strive, super! Greetings from Abu - Aug 15 2003
United Colours Of Penguins

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Aug 16 2003
Hello and peace to all :-)

I would like to say: It dosen't really matter what col(o)ur it is. N-Joy :-)

Greetings from Abu - Aug 13 2003
Hello, I'm sorry. It was my fault. I've uploaded an newer version of the wallpaper. The first one was written with "color". This is all about.

Greetings from Abu - Aug 13 2003
Mercy & "D A N K E" Herr Weinraub!Are you from germany? I ask you because of your name. I will upload as soon as possible an higher wallpaper size. Aufwiedersehen from Abu :-) - Aug 13 2003
made as we are of so much water...

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Aug 12 2003
Correctly! You see the indication of the femaleness inside the water. It is also the signs of the "water" (aqua) and the planet "Venus" from the alchemist. - Aug 12 2003
You're right, I took some changes.
- Jun 13 2003
DONE - Jun 13 2003
Interactive Aquapool

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Jul 19 2003
Any chance of one "OHNE" panel shadow?

O H N E ---> NICE combined :-) - Aug 12 2003
Y E S! :-) You can download the *.XCF file for your own shadow adjustment from Check this out! --->
- Aug 12 2003
Thank you XDream. I'll fix this soon. - May 08 2003
El Chroma KDE "The Bonus Pack"

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Jun 23 2003
The broken unxifile was fixed. I'll have test it on other platforms too. It works fine. Greetings from abu - Jun 23 2003