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Cursors by mart 125 comments


First of all, this is a great theme. But, as I am left-handed, I chose the left-handed version of the cursors and found some drawbacks there.

- Just flipping all cursors doesn't make it. The cursors for "window-resizing in the corners of a window" (I think, these are {bottom,top}_{left,right}_corner) should not be flipped, because now they are pointing in the wrong directions.

- The Cursor with the small clock attached has a wrong "anchorpoint" it is top-left but should be top-right. Thus, the cursor "jumps" a little to the right when it changes. And You'll probably click somewhere else than You meant to click.

This applies at least to the Crystal Blue Classic Left theme, I did not check with the others.

And please add a hint to the readme, that ImageMagick has to be installed. It took me quite a while to find out what 'identify' and 'convert' are ;-)

thx for Your great work
acb - Mar 02 2005